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Tumble Bus Payments

Nov 12, 2010   //   by Miss Kim   //   News & Events  //  No Comments

You may pay tumblebus monthly by paying them through your online banking accounts.  Tumblebus payments are due on the First Wednesday of the month.  Make checks payable to: Jump For Joy.  The address is:  10125 Lantern Road, Fishers, IN 46037

Sick Policy

Nov 11, 2010   //   by Miss Kim   //   News & Events  //  No Comments

Taken Directly from your contracts:  Your child will be sent home for a fever of at least 100.5 degrees, throwing up and/or diarrhea. Your child may not return for a 24 hour period after symptoms have ceased. This does not include teething infants, ear infections and colds. If your child has been ill at home, you MUST notify us, so we can prevent further illnesses in the daycare. We will notify you of illnesses that occur in our daycare.

24 Hour Period, Examples:  If your child threw up at 10 AM for the last time then your child may not return to ABC Discovery until 10 AM the next day.

If your child’s fever broke at 3 PM Monday and they continued to have no more fever, then your child may not return to daycare until 3PM on


You must wait, 24 hours after the symptoms have stopped to return to daycare.

Please use Bleach when cleaning your toys, walls and everything touched in your home, as it is the only thing that is killing ALL the germs.

Thank You!