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April: Bees & Butterflies

Apr 13, 2016   //   by Miss Kim   //   Daily Lessons  //  Comments Off on April: Bees & Butterflies

Your children will be as busy as bees as they buzz from flower to flower gathering sweet ideas. Learn how to be a beekeeper and listen to the bees communicate. Then, follow a bee inside your own make-believe honeycomb. Get to know the queen bee and other jobs in the hive. Outside, watch a brand new butterfly appear. Hear stories about a caterpillar who was wrapped up in a chrysalis and went through a process of metamorphosis. Experience the life cycles of bees and butterflies this spring with your children.

Letters we will learn this month:
Bb, Qq & Nn

Numbers the children will work with and count to this month:

15 & 16

Shape of the Month:


Color of the month:



The children will work with the basic ABCD pattern.  They will discuss the pattern daily on the calendar and be asked to continue that pattern.  They will work with shapes and place them in a pattern and continue it.  They will also put numbers and letters into the ABCD pattern.

Friendship Trait discussed and used throughout the daycare and discussed daily:


Sight Words for this Month:

come,here,go, away

Sight Words your child Reviews everyday during calendar time which we add to monthly: 

the, and, look, at, you, to, can, in, love, not, it, is, a, my, go, stop, we, what, run, jump, finds, he, she, play, away, see, I, big, up, said, mad, like, little, sad, honest, glad

(Miss Kim also uses the sight words in sentences and the children will read the sentences.  We discuss if their mouth matches the sound or not when they read the word if it is something they have guessed on.)

Sign Language Words they Know:  

bird, all done, friend, smile, snow, love, alligator, sorry, bug, please, thank you, milk, water, eat, more, up, down, help, no, yes, cold, camel, shoes, and bathroom.

Spanish words they know:

Numbers 1-20, Months of the year, Days of the week, horse, dog, puppy, grandma, boy, girl, cat, hat, barn, grasshopper, toothbrush, lion, jaguar, dragonfly, zebra, rocket, x-ray fish, kangaroo, octopus, ball, xylophone, leaf, owl, volcano, violin, frog, umbrella, globe, rabbit, mushroom, watermelon, whale, yam, monkey, elephant, jellyfish, cloud, sun, nut, egg, button, zipper, drum, quilt, kite, apple, grapes, star, underwear, hat, nest, queen, ant, bunny, pig, puppy, horse, feather, computer, lizard, snail, bird, money, fish, nest, cow, king, tractor, mouse, lamb, cat, hammer, chick, egg, ladybug, cake, hat, tree, and spider. “Como se llama” (it means, what is it called?) and also, “Hoy es…” (it means, today it’s…).

Spanish words they will learn this month: 

moth,butterfly, bee, wasp, caterpillar, flower, hexagon, black, fifteen, sixteen, come, here, go, away