Wednesday: Seahorse

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Calendar: Discussed calendar in English and Spanish.  Brogan put the number on the calendar, discussed the weather and found the day of the week in Spanish.  Reviewed the days of the week and months of the year in English and Spanish.  Brogan told us the Sign language words:  water, touch, banana, apple, shoe.

Songs:   Sang the morning gathering song, days of the week and months of the year.

Brainstorm/Fun Facts:  Reviewed what they learned about starfish yesterday.  The children each told me what they know about a Seahorse.  Did you know that a seahorse is a fish?  Fun Facts:  Seahorses can come in patterns like “zebra stripes” and spots.  Seahorses change color to blend in with their surroundings.  They like to swim in pairs linked by their tales.  Seahorses cannot curl their tails backwards.  They feed on small living animals such as daphnia, cyclops, larvae of water insects, or mysids.  The female deposits eggs into the male’s small pouch, and then leaves.  Out of the entire animal kingdom, these are the only animals in which the male has babies. 

Social Skills:  Discussed:  What would you do if a big fish were trying to eat you?  A seahorse would change colors to match the plants and hide from dangerous sea creatures.  We looked at 5 colored objects and discussed the color of each.  I then had the children hide their eyes while I placed the colored objects on the same color of paper and hid them.  I picked 5 different children to come find the hidden object and discuss why it was hard to see. 

Emergent Reading:  Discussed:  What does a seahorse do to stay safe?  The seahorse uses its prehensile tail to hold onto plants in the ocean so it doesn’t float away.  We looked at the flowers with the letter S on them.  The children told me the letter and sound.  Each child told me something that starts with the letter “S”.  We then looked in the dictionary and found all the S words.  I showed them how to form the capital and lowercase S on the wipe off board.  Each child came up one at a time and practiced writing the letter “S”.  Brogan put the S in the flower pots.

Numbers:   Discussed:  Who do you think carries the baby seahorse eggs?  The mommy seahorse lays eggs in the daddy seahorse’s pouch.  The eggs stay in the pouch until the seahorses are born and then  they swim out.  We looked at the Pocket Counter Seahorse.  I showed the children a number and we then had that many baby seahorses come out of the daddy’s pouch.  We continued counting baby seahorses and matched them to the number. 

Emergent Writing:   Discussed:  If you had a prehensile tail, what shape would you want it to be?  Explained that in order to grab and hang onto things, a tail needs to be able to curl or wrap around items.  We found the S page in their My Little Journals.  We reviewed how to form the capital and lowercase S.  I then showed them how to turn a capital S into a seahorse!  They will be doing this in afternoon centers.

Show and Tell:  We looked at all the birthday cards that the children brought in for Finn.

Tumble Bus Day:  Form is by the front door.

Afternoon Centers:
Center 1:   Play with Little People  Center 2: Pocket Counters: Seahorse-  They will cut out the seahorses and numbers.  They will then staple the pouch onto the daddy seahorse and add their numbers and baby seahorses.  Center 3:  My Little Journal-They will practice writing their capital and lowercase S.  They will then draw a giant S and turn it into a seahorse.

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