Monday: Scuba Diver

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Calendar: Discussed calendar in English and Spanish.   Finn is the new calendar and weather boy for this week.  He put the numbers on the calendar, discussed the weather and found the day of the week in Spanish.

Songs:   Sang morning gathering song, days of the week and months of the year.

Brainstorm/Fun Facts:  Reviewed what they learned about Fish on Friday.  Each child told me what they know about a scuba diver.  They had a difficult time with this.  I showed them pictures of a scuba diver to help them understand what it was.  I told them that I am a scuba diver.  Discussed:  What do you think it would be like to dive into the ocean?  Explained that divers use gear to help them explore the ocean.  Deep sea divers use weights to go deeper.  Fun Facts:  The word S.C.U.B.A. is an acronym for Self-Contained-Underwater-Breathing-Apparatus.  The term scuba originated during WWII . It was used to describe navy divers who used oxygen re-breathers to attack enemy ships from underwater.  To scuba you will need a tank filled with a compressed breathing gas, a scuba regulator, a scuba mask, snorkel and fins.  We looked at Miss Kim’s scuba mask and snorkel. 

Visual Art:  Discussed:  What would you wear if you were a diver?  Explained that in order to dive under the ocean, divers need a mask, flippers, tanks, weights and snorkels.  We looked at pictures of all the diving gear and the children named all of it.  We looked at their art project that they will be making this afternoon.

Gross Motor:  Discussed:  How do you think scientists learn about animals that live under the sea?  Explained that some scientists dive in the ocean and observe the animals, or  they use robots and cameras to observe life in the ocean.  The children all stood up and pretended to be a scuba diver and swim around the room.  They then got in their own spots and laid on the floor like a starfish.  They spread all their legs and arms apart as far as they could stretch them.  They then put them to their sides and hid from the shark.  We then stretched out again.

Shapes:  Discussed:  What would you hope to see if you were a diver?  What would you not want to see?  I showed the children each puzzle piece and we discussed what we saw on that piece.  I then picked 6 different children to come up one at a time and put the puzzle together.  We discussed how each piece fit with another.  We discussed the picture that the puzzle made.

Dramatic Play:   Discussed: What do you think it would be like to dive during an ocean storm?  I laid the items they brought for show and tell on the floor and it would be under the parachute which will represent the water.  Each child grabbed onto a side of the parachute and we made big waves and calm slow waves.  I then picked one child at a time to dive under the waves to swim and see what animals they saw.  When they came up they had to tell us what they saw.  The kids loved this. 

Show and Tell:  Each child brought in and ocean animal or item.  Each child came up one at a time and discussed the object they brought and why they brought it.

Afternoon Centers: Center 1: Outside Play  Center 2: Mask and Flipper Art-They will use paint and finger-paint the mask and fin pattern.  They will tape cellophane onto the mask and elastic.  When they dry they can wear them around.  

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