Wednesday: Fishing Boat

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Calendar: Discussed calendar in English and Spanish. Finn was not here today so Miss Kim did the calendar.  We discussed the weather and added the number to the calendar.  We reviewed our sign language words

Brainstorm/Fun Facts:  Reviewed what they learned about shipwrecks and ocean liners.  The children told me what they know about Fishing Boats.  Discussed:  Have you ever tried to catch a fish?  Fun Facts:  Fishing boats come in many different shapes and sizes.  Some are created for commercial purposes while others are meant for leisure fishing only.  Jon Boats length ranges from 10 to 18 feet.  The bass boats are specifically used by farmers for very thin waters  and its size ranges from 9.5 to 12 feet.  We looked at these measurements on a measuring tape.

Learning Approach:  Discussed:  What do you think fishing boats do with the sea creatures they catch?  Did you know that many working boats sell the seafood they catch to markets and restaurants?  Some fishing boats catch fish and then let them go again.  We had two bowls and pretended to catch a sea creature.  Each child came up and caught the brain box which they pretended was the sea creature.  They shook the bowls and let the brain box go and followed the directions on whatever side the box landed on. Brain Box Action to do on each side:  Swim to something blue in the room; Find something purple in the room; Make a triangle with your body; Wiggle your fish tail 3 times; Jump like a dolphin; wave your arms 4 times.

Learning Approach:  Discussed:  If you were on a fishing boat, what do you think you would like to do?  Explained that there are many jobs on a boat, from running the ship and giving orders to catching the fish and following orders. We looked at the little learning cards and discussed each one:  Oo, Dd, purple, blue, Ss, 3, Triangle, 4.

Health and Safety:  Discussed:  What type of seafood have you tasted?  We made a soup and discussed how we had to wash our hands before we made it.  We looked at canned minced clams!  Each child got to feel it, smell it and taste it if they wanted to.  I was to put those in the soup but chose not to as I wasn’t sure the kids would be a fan of it.  We used potatoes instead.  We mixed cream of celery soup, cream of potato soup, canned potatoes, 1 1/2 cup milk and salt and pepper to taste in a large pot.  They will get to try this soup with their lunch.

Patterns:  Discussed:  What is the biggest fish you have ever seen?  Shared that when fishing, if you catch too small of a fish, you must put it back and let it continue to grow.  We looked at the three various size of fish and the three fishing poles with three different sizes of fishing line.  We put the fish in order from biggest to smallest and smallest to biggest.  I then picked one child at a time to get a certain size of fishing line and catch a certain size of fish.  Examples:  Get the fishing pole with the longest fishing line and catch the biggest fish; get the fishing pole with the medium fishing line and catch the smallest fish, etc. 

Afternoon Centers: Center 1: Outside Play  Center 2:  Little Learning Cards:  They will color and cut out all the learning cards.

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