Monday: Icicle

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Calendar: Discussed calendar in English and Spanish. Mallory is the new calendar and weather girl today.  She put the numbers on the calendar, found the day of the week in Spanish and discussed the weather.  We reviewed our Spanish and Sign Language words.

Songs:  Sang our Christmas Concert Songs

Brainstorm/Fun Facts:  Reviewed what they learned Friday about Snowmen.  The children told me what they know about icicles.  Explained that an icicle forms when water (or snow) begins to melt, but the temperature of the air is still cold enough that the drops freeze before they hit the ground.  Fun Facts:  Icicles are formed by freezing of water when it drips from a surface.  Russia reported that 6 people have died from icicles falling from buildings. Icicles lengthen as more water drip and freezes, and eventually taper into points.

Health and Safety:  Discussed:  What do you like to eat that is frozen? We discussed washing hands before we handle food.  I showed them how to make Popsicles out of juice.  We added a frozen strawberry to each container then poured in Juice.  We put them in freezer so they could enjoy a frozen treat later.

Patterns:  Discussed:  What do you think you can do with square ice blocks or bricks?  We looked at the foam sorting shapes.  The children told me how we could sort them by size, color or size and color.  The children worked together sorting the shapes by color and size.  We then used them to build the shapes on the Pattern Mat. 

Emergent Reading:  Discussed:  What words can you think of that begin with the /i/ sound? We looked in the dictionary to find more words that begin with “i”.  We looked at the Ii flowers and discussed the sounds “i” makes. 

Emergent Writing:  Discussed:  What designs do you think dripping icicles make?  Discussed how to make  the capital and lowercase letter Ii.  Each child practiced making the capital and lowercase letter.  I showed them how to dip their finger in water and watercolor paint then let it drip off like an icicle onto their journal page.

Show and Tell:   The children each brought in an item that starts with the Letter “Ii”.  They came up one at a time and discussed their item and why they brought it. 

Afternoon Centers: Center 1: Legos  Center 2: My Little Journal-  They will practice writing the capital and lowercase I.  They will then dip their finger in water and watercolor paint and let the water drip from their fingers like an icicle onto their journal page.  Center 3:  They will use the Pattern mats to build the patterns with the foam squares. 

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