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Calendar: Discussed calendar in English and Spanish.   Brogan told us the weather, added the number to the calendar and found the day of the week in Spanish. We reviewed our Spanish and Sign language words.

Brainstorm/Fun Facts:  The children reviewed what they learned about eggs.  The children told me what they know about dinosaur Heads.  Discussed:  Which dinosaur’s head do you like the best? What features on a dinosaur’s head are also on your head?  Fun Facts:  The front teeth of many dinosaurs are very interesting.  There is a heavy enamel layer on the outside upper and lower teeth.  Therefore as the teeth come together, a self-sharpening effect takes place.  The teeth become like chisels.  A T-Rex head, for example, would have weighed more than 1,100 pounds, close to the average weight of an adult cow.  Dinosaurs had replaceable teeth; when a tooth was lost or broken, another one grew in to take its place.

Listening:  Discussed:  What do you think it would be like to live near dinosaurs?  We had a storyboard and pieces that goes to the board.  I had one child at a time come place a piece on the board and tell a story to it.  They made up a full story with all the dinosaur pieces. 

Emergent Reading:  Discussed:  How are the shape of an egg and a head similar?  We looked at our My Little Journal book and found the E page.  We discussed how they will trace the oval egg shape onto their Journal page.  We then discussed how to Form the capital and lowercase E.  Each  child practiced writing the capital and lowercase letter on the wipe off board.

Tumble Bus Day: Please see the form by the front door to see what they played today on the bus.

Afternoon Centers: Center 1: Legos  Center 2:  My Little Journal-  They will trace the oval shapes.  They will then practice writing their capital and lowercase letter Ee.   Center 3:  Dino Flyer-  The children will make a Pterodactyl and we will hang them around the room.  The children will paint with a feather on the dinosaur pattern.  They will then put the pattern together.

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