Tuesday: New Year

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Calendar: Discussed calendar in English and Spanish.  Max put the number on the calendar, discussed the weather and found the day of the week in Spanish.  He reviewed our Spanish and Sign language words. 

Brainstorm/Fun Facts: We discussed that we are now in a New Year because it is 2012 and that the month will be changing now to February.  Discussed that the year will stay 2012 through 12 months and then change to 2013 after the 12 months and start a new year once again.  Discussed the continuous rotation of the months and years.  Discussed New Year’s Day is celebrated January 1, which is the first day of a new year.  Many people celebrate the start of a new year in many different ways. How does your family celebrate?  Fun Facts:  Did you know that celebrating the New Year is a tradition that dates back nearly 4000 years?  Did you know that Julius Caesar was the first to set January 1st as the New Year?  Caesar did so when he established the Julian calendar.  The Julian calendar, named for Julius Caesar, decreed that the new year would occur on January 1st.  Caesar wanted the year to begin in January since it celebrated the beginning of the civil year and the festival of the god of gates.  Discussed how people make New Year’s resolutions to change something in the new year.  Discussed how people celebrate the new year.

Visual Art:   Discussed:  How do you know what the date is?  We use calendars to help remind us of the month, day and date.  We looked at a calendar for the children.  I put each child’s foot print in the 2012 side of the calendar.  Parents when this year is over please add a second footprint to the new year 2013 to show your child how their foot has grown in a year. 

Emergent Writing:  Discussed:  If you could make a promise to yourself, what would it be?  At the start of the new year it is common for many people to make a resolution.  This is a promise to do something different than how you do it now.  They all made a promise for the new year which they will draw a picture to in afternoon centers.

Chit Chat:  Discussed:  What is a countdown?  A countdown is when you count backwards to make it to zero, and then something happens.  Many people countdown to the New Year the night before.  We discussed other things we could do when we count down. 

Health and Safety:  Discussed:  Would you have an outdoor picnic in January?  January in Australia is summertime. Many people there have a picnic and camp out on the beach.  We laid a blanket on the floor and each child told me what they could bring to a picnic.  We then looked at pictures and if the item could go in the picnic basket then we put it on the blanket.  If the item did not go in the basket then we set it aside.

Visual Art:  Discussed:  What colors are fireworks?  I showed the children how to wad up a piece of paper and dip it into paint.  I then had it explode on the black paper to make fireworks.  I showed them how to make prints and not smear the paper so that it looked more like fireworks.  We dipped it in 3 different colors.  The children will do this in afternoon centers.

Afternoon Centers: Center 1: Outside Play Center 2: Fireworks Art-  They will take a piece of paper and wad it and dip into different colors of paint. They will make prints on black paper.  Center 3:  Making Promises-  The children will draw a picture of something they would like to promise for the new year.  Miss Kayla will help them write their promise on the paper. 

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