Monday: Majestic Mountains

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Calendar: Discussed calendar in English and Spanish.  Thomas is the new calendar and meteorologist for this week.  He found the numbers and put them on the calendar, discussed the weather and found the day of the week in Spanish.  He reviewed all the Spanish and Sign language words.

Brainstorm/Fun Facts: The children told me what they know about mountains.  Mount Everest and Matterhorn are two very tall mountains that are considered world wonders.  Fun Facts:  A mountain is a land-form that rises high above the surrounding terrain in a limited area. They are made from rocks and earth.  Mountains usually have steep, sloping sides and sharp or slightly rounded ridges and peaks.  Mountains can be rocky and barren. Some have trees growing on their sides and very high mountains have snow on their peaks.  Some common features of mountains include the following:  the summit, or the top of a mountain; the slope, or side of the mountain; and a very steep valley between young mountains, known as a gorge.

Emergent Writing:   Discussed:  What are some of the things you think you might see on a mountain?  Mountains usually have a lot of trees at the bottom, but as you climb higher, the trees disappear (this is called a treeline) and are replaced with rock and cold.  We looked at their My Little Journals and discussed the letter L.  Each child came up and practiced writing the capital and lowercase L on the wipe off board. 

Social Skills:  Discussed:  What do you think is dangerous about mountain climbing?  Did you know that Matterhorn is in Europe? It is unique because it stands alone and is shaped like a pyramid. It is steep and dangerous to climb.  They each took a partner and tried laying on the floor and getting up without using their arms.  They then had their partners help them up the second time. Discussed if it was easier or more difficult with their partners help.

Emergent Reading:  Discussed: Where would you like to travel?  We looked at 4 new sight words and discussed each thoroughly.  Each child then had to practice reading the words:  go, we, to, can.  We read the, “I Can Read” book and found the sight words.

Emergent Reading:  Discussed:  What do you think is the difference between hills and mountains?  Mountains are bigger than hills. (Did you know a mountain has to be at least 15, 850 feet tall and hills range from 1 foot to 15, 849 feet?) We looked at the L flowers and found all the L words in the dictionary. 

Show and Tell:  Each child brought in items that begin with L.  They came up and discussed their item and told us why they brought it.

Afternoon Centers: Center 1: Outside play  Center 2: My Little Journal- They will practice writing the capital and lowercase L.  They will then draw mountains and L’s on the mountains to represent trees.  They will also break a toothpick and make an L with it and glue it on the page. Center 3:  I can Read book-  they will find all their sight words and circle or underline them.  They will then fill out the blank pages and draw pictures.

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