Thursday: Venus

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Calendar:  Discussed calendar in English and Spanish. Finn put the number on the calendar, discussed the pattern and weather. He also found the day of the week in Spanish.  We reviewed our Spanish and Sign Language words. 

Brainstorm/Fun Facts:  We reviewed what we learned about Mars.  Today the children told me everything they know about Venus.  Venus is a rock planet. It is the second planet from the sun.  Fun Facts:  The atmosphere of Venus is made up mainly of carbon dioxide.  Its size is slightly smaller than Earth.  It also features gravity similar to that of Earth.  Venus is surrounded by clouds consisting of mercury, ferric chloride hydrocarbons and sulfuric acid.  These clouds create the most corrosive acid rain found anywhere in our solar system.  The clouds are so thick that little light even reaches the surface. The light that does reach the surface is converted to heat and can not escape the atmosphere making Venus the hottest planet at around 500 Degrees Celsius. The surface of Venus is often described as a “stormy desert” full of many craters and very active volcanoes.  Venus features no liquid water.

Social Skills:  Discussed:  Do you have a sister?  Venus is Earth’s sister.  It is about the same size, thickness and chemistry as Earth.  But Venus is too hot for life.  One big difference is that Venus has NO water.  I picked two children that were sitting nicely to come up and demonstrate how we are going to make Venus’ Twin Art in afternoon centers.  Each child picked a color of paint to put on the paper plate they then pressed their plates together so the colors would blend.  

Numbers:  Discussed:  What do you think you could see from Venus?  Venus is closer to the sun than us.  From the surface of Venus, Earth would look like a star.  We looked at the pocket counter.  I showed the children the 2 strips of numbers and we discussed how to tape them together to make the numbers go in order.  We then looked at the strip of stars, strip of moons, strip of planets and discussed how we could use the number line to count them for us by lining them up with the numbers starting at number one.  We counted each strip to make sure the number line was correct.  We then did addition problems by lining up two strips of objects down the number line to see what they added too.  We did this with each strip of objects.  

Social Skills:  Discussed:  Why do you think Venus is so hot?  Venus is closer to the sun and has very thick clouds that keep the heat inside the planet.  We sat in a circle and put the Storyboard with the planets all in order on the floor.  We picked up Venus and had to pass it around, while the music played, very fast since it is hot.  When the music stopped the person holding Venus had to hurry and put it back in its place in line with the other planets where it belongs.  We continued this several times because we were having so much fun and wanted to give everyone a chance to place Venus where it goes in line in the Solar system.

Emergent Reading:     Discussed:  What do you think is found on Venus?  Nothing can live or grow on Venus.  It is too hot.  We discussed the word “nothing” and what letter it starts with.  We looked at the Letter Flowers and discussed how to make the /N/ sound in detail.  We discussed that you have to put your tongue, behind your teeth on the roof of your mouth to make the sound.   We then said the sound and plugged our nose and noticed that we couldn’t continue making the sound.  The reason is that this sound is made through your “Nose”.  We call this sound a Nose Sound.  It is the Middle Nose Sound. The children told me words that begin with the letter N.  We also looked in the dictionary to find more N words.  

Show and Tell:   Each child came up one at a time to show the “N” item that they brought in.  

Afternoon Centers:  Center 1: Outside Play Center 2:  Venus’ Twin Art-  The children will find a partner and each one pick a different color of paint.  We will squirt the paint on their paper plate.  They will bring their two plates together and press to watch the  colors join.  Center 3:  Pocket Counter-  Each child got to cut out their own number line, moon strip, star strip, planet strip and numbers to do the math we did above during lessons.

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