Monday: Observatory

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Calendar:  Discussed calendar in English and Spanish.  Rudy is the new calendar and meteorologist boy for this week.  He found the numbers for the weekend and put them on the calendar.  He found the day of the week in Spanish and discussed the weather.  He reviewed the Spanish and Sign Language words.  

Brainstorm/Fun Facts:  We reviewed what they learned Friday about Rocket Ships.  The children told me everything they know about an Observatory.  They didn’t know what it was so we discussed first.  An observatory is a place with very powerful telescopes to see outer space.  Fun Facts:  Observatories are special places where astronomers study space and give the best view of the night sky, most are built on mountain tops far from city lights.  One of the largest observatory complexes is in the crater of the Hawaiian Volcano, Mauna Kea.  In most observatories, telescopes are housed in a dome-roofed building which turns around so they can keep aiming at the same stars while the Earth rotates.  

Emergent Writing: Discussed:  Which planet would you like to see through a telescope?  We reviewed all the names of the planets and all the facts that we learned from this month.  Each child took a page from the class book and drew a picture of one of the planets or things we learned about this month.  They then told me what they learned about that planet or thing, and I wrote that down for them.  Please read their class book by the front door.  

Learning Approach: Experiment:  Stood by the gate and held up a small object from far away.  I then brought the small object back to the lesson area and showed them  it close.   They were then able to recognize what it was and see details on the object that they couldn’t see from far away.  Discussed how a telescope would help with this.  We reviewed all our Little Learning Cards from the month.  

Numbers:  Discussed:  What might change over time in the night sky?  Some stars burn out.  We looked at the different pieces of paper that had stars drawn on them.   There was a different number of stars on each paper any where from 1 to 10. We counted the stars on the paper and then clapped that many times.  We did this for each piece of paper.

Emergent Writing:   Discussed:  What do you wish there was more of in the sky? We looked at our Little Journal’s and discussed how they will match up the capital letter with the lowercase letter.

Thomas’ Birthday:  Thomas sat on my lap and we read all his Birthday cards that his friends made for him.  

Afternoon Centers:  Center 1:Outside Play  Center 2:  Little Learning cards- Color and cut them out.  Center 3: My Little Journal-  They will match the capital letter with the lowercase letter by drawing a line to them.  

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