Wednesday: Monkey Chatter

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Calendar:  Discussed calendar in English and Spanish.  Thomas put the number on the calendar, discussed the weather and found the day of the week in Spanish.  He reviewed the Spanish and Sign Language words.

Brainstorm/Fun Facts:  We reviewed what we learned about Parrots.  The children then told me everything they know about Monkeys.  Discussed what sounds a monkey makes.  There are many types of monkeys in the jungle.  Most monkeys make a noise that sounds like vowels and is called chatter.   Sometimes monkeys make screaming noises, too.  Fun Facts:  There are currently 264 known monkey species.  Apes are not monkeys.  Some monkeys live on the ground, while others live in trees.  Different monkey species eat a variety of foods, such as fruit, insects, flowers, leaves and reptiles.  Most monkeys have tails. Groups of monkeys are known as a ‘tribe’, ‘troop’ or ‘mission’.  

Emergent Reading:  Discussed:  What does a monkey eat? Monkeys love fruit. They climb trees to get to the fruit in the canopy layer of the jungle. They also eat seeds, insects and small animals.  We reviewed the Letter G.  Discussed how the monkey’s eat Grapes and they start with the letter G. 

Logic:  Discussed:  We looked at the picture clue cards and discussed information about each animal.  I placed the cards on the floor and asked a child to come up and answer the clue by turning the animals face down that did not answer that clue.  Animals were: pink dolphin, monkey and jaguar.  Clues:  I live in the jungle, I can be seen in a tree, I like to eat fruit, I live in a cave or crevice, I can swim, and I live in the Canopy layer.

Global Citizenship:  Discussed:  Where are jungles (tropical rainforests)?  Jungles can be found on every continent except Antarctica.  The biggest one can be found on the continent of South America. We found the orange continent on the map.  We discussed how this was South America and in South America is a country called Brazil.  We looked at the flag of Brazil and discussed that much of the rainforest is located in Brazil.  

Gross Motor:    Discussed:  How would you protect yourself if you were a monkey?  Monkeys swing and climb quickly to get away from predators (other animals that might eat them for lunch).  If they are near their home, they try to throw things at them to keep them away.  Miss Felicia decorated a box to look like a jaguar for us.  I placed it on the floor and made tape lines 2, 5, 10, 15, and 20 feet away from the box.  I had one child at a time start on the 2 foot line and see how many times they could toss the ball into the jaguar box.  I then had them move to the 5 foot line to toss the ball into the box or at least try to hit the box.  They continued to move back on each line to try to hit the box or make it in the box.  I then wrote what they wanted me to write about what they were able to do on their Watch Me Move shape.  

Tumble Bus Day:    See the form by the sign-in book to see what activities they did today.

Afternoon Centers:  Center 1:  Outside Play  Center 2:  They decorated the Watch Me Move shapes.  Center 3: Butterfly Wings-  The children colored one side of the butterfly blue with black edges.  They then folded it in half and painted the one half brown with spots of white and black.  They closed the shape to make the same pattern on both sides then let the wings stay open to dry.  

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