Monday: Include Everyone

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Calendar:  Discussed calendar in English and Spanish. Samuel is the new calendar and meteorologist boy. He told us the weather and put all the numbers on the calendar from the weekend.  We reviewed our Spanish and Sign language words, found the days of the week in Spanish, reviewed the color “blue” and shape “circle”.  We counted to 20  in English and Spanish.  We also sang all our morning songs.  

Creative Development:  Discussed:  How many friends do you think you can have?  You can have many, many friends.  There is always room for one more.  What should you do if someone asks to join you in play?  It is important to find a way to help everyone feel included.  We looked at a “Circle of Friends” headband that the children will create in afternoon centers.  

Mathematics and Reasoning: Discussed:  What are the different ways to make enough room for everyone?  I made a circle with the circle foam shapes.  We discussed how to make my circle bigger and add more foam shapes.  I then showed the children the Parquetry Card which had a design made on it with large, medium and small circles.  The children had to use the foam circles to place on the correct size to complete the cards.

Language and Literacy:  Discussed:  How do you feel when you are included? How do you feel when you are not?  We sounded out the word “sad”.  We discussed the letters in sad and worked on spelling the word.  I wrote the word on the wipe off board.  We then discussed how we could erase the “s” and let another friend sit there to spell different words like “mad”, “glad”, “fad”, “had”, “dad” and more.  We then practice recognizing those words on the word cards.   Mallory was able to read almost all of them.  

Social Studies:   Discussed:  Whom should you include when you play?  Discussed the importance of including children you know and those you don’t know.  It is important to include children who look different than you or who have special needs, too.  

Show and Tell:  All the children brought in items that were circular.  Each child came up one at a time and discussed the item they brought and showed us how it was circular.  

Afternoon Centers:
  Center 1: Outside play/ Legos Center 2:  Circle of Friends headband- The children will paint 4 puzzle piece people.  They will then link them together and put them on their headbands.  

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