Friday: Good Listening

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Calendar:  Discussed calendar in English and Spanish. Lucas told us the weather and found the number for the calendar.  He told us the day of the week and month of the year in Spanish.  We reviewed our shape, colors, Spanish and Sign language words.  We sang our morning songs.  

Science:  Discussed:  What makes a good listener?  How does your sense of hearing help you gather information? We put a blanket over the slide to make a partition.  I had one child sit on one side and another child sit on the other side so that they couldn’t see each other.  One of the children made a noise with his body(clap, slap their knees, stomp, noise with mouth, etc.).  The other child had to guess what the child was doing and tell about what it reminded them of.  We did this until each child had a turn to listen and make a sound.  

Social Emotional Development: Discussed:  What are happy sounds?  Sad sounds? Angry Sounds?  We looked at the Little Learning Cards and reviewed each one (k, 1, 2, blue, purple, circle, p, f). I then drew an angry face, sad face, sleepy face, happy face, surprised face, and scared face on the back of each card.  The children came up and picked one of the faces and told me the emotion.  They then turned the card over and told about the card.  

Mathematics and Reasoning:   Discussed:  How can you remember what you hear?  We set up a pretend grocery store and each child got dollars. We discussed how much each item cost.  The children came up one at a time to buy some groceries and had to decide if they had enough money for that item.  They could also buy more if they had more money left.  

Language and Literacy:  Discussed:  How can you listen with your eyes?  The children learned the sign for “Please”: place open hand in front of chest, palm facing in and circle clockwise. We discussed how we would play a form of “Simon Says” but I will use the sign for “Please” instead and then ask them to do something.  If I use the sign for “please” then they do the action but if I don’t sign “please” then they don’t do it.  They had a very very hard time with this.  Thomas and Samuel were able to follow it one time.  It was funny!!

Afternoon Centers:  Center 1:  Outside Play

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