Tuesday: Thanksgiving

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Calendar:  Discussed calendar in English and Spanish. Kade put the number on the calendar and discussed the weather. He found the day of the week in Spanish.  Kade reviewed all our colors, shapes, Sign language and Spanish words.  

Brainstorm/Fun Facts:  We reviewed what we learned about the Pilgrims coming on the Mayflower and celebrating the first Thanksgiving with the Native Americans.  Today the children told me everything they know about Turkey.  Fun Facts:  Benjamin Franklin wanted the national bird to be a turkey.  Turkeys can drown if they look up when it is raining.  A male turkey is called a tom.  Also known as a gobbler.  A female turkey is called a hen.  A baby turkey is called a poult or a chick.  

Language and Literacy: Discussed:  What is something nice a friend or family member did for you?  We looked at the Thank You cards that the children will be making in afternoon centers.   

Social Emotional Development:   Discussed:  What does a turkey sound like?  When a turkey makes noises it sounds like “gobble”.  We all held hands to get ourselves in a circle.  We sat down and put our Turkey hats on.  We played this just like Duck, Duck Goose.  The children said “Bawk, Bawk, Gobble” instead.  I picked a child to go around and touch the children’s heads saying “bawk” for each person until they wanted to pick the person to run after them and they then said “gobble” for that.  We played until each child had a turn to be the “turkey”.  

Thanksgiving Feast Day:  The children will be eating a huge Thanksgiving feast for Lunch. Snack times they will get the apple pie, pumpkin pie, cookies and pumpkin muffins that were made for us.  

Afternoon Centers:  Center 1: Variety of Toys Center 2: Thank You Cards-  the children will write Thank You with help on the front page of the card.  They will then write a sentence in the inside telling what they are Thankful for.  They will then draw a picture to go with what they are thankful for.   

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