Wednesday: Thanksgiving

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Calendar:  Discussed calendar in English and Spanish. Kade put the number on the calendar and discussed the weather. He found the day of the week in Spanish.  He reviewed our colors, shapes, Sign language and Spanish words. 

Brainstorm/Fun Facts:  We reviewed what we learned about Turkeys and the Pilgrims.  Discussed:  What does your family eat on Thanksgiving? Many families have a large family dinner on Thanksgiving that includes many types of foods.  

Creative Development: Discussed:  If you were a turkey what color feathers would you like to have?  I showed the children the turkey that they will be putting together during centers.

Mathematics and Reasoning:   Discussed:  Wild turkeys have about 18 tail feathers. Is that more or less feathers than you are old?  We then counted to 18.  We had 12 turkeys with a number 1-12 written on each.  I had one child at a time come up and turn a turkey over and tell me the number on their turkey.  They then added that many clothespins as its tail feathers   We discussed if they counted enough clothespins out or not to match the turkey’s number. 

Science:  Discussed:  Why do you think corn is another common decoration and food related to the Thanksgiving holiday?  Native Americans grew corn for a long time before the pilgrims arrived on the Mayflower.  Thanksgiving first happened long ago when the two groups of people celebrated together by making a feast of the food they each had to offer. The children will make a corncob using a sponge and feather to paint it during afternoon centers.

Afternoon Centers:  Center 1: Outside Play Center 2:  Turkey Art-  The children will paint a turkey pattern and feathers. They will then add eyes and their painted feathers plus other feathers to their turkey.  Center 3:  Corn Art-  The children will take a sponge to dip in paint and make the cob.  They will then dip a feather in paint to make the husks of the corn.  

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