Tuesday: Ice

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Calendar:  Discussed calendar in English and Spanish.  Samuel put the number on the calendar and discussed the weather.  He found the day of the week in Spanish.  Samuel reviewed all our colors, shapes and Sign Language words.  We sang our Christmas songs!

Brainstorm/Fun Facts:  We reviewed what we learned about Animal tracks.  Today the children told me all that they know about Ice.  How is ice made?  Ice is water that is frozen.  Fun Facts:  Ice covers 10 percent of the Earth’s land mass.  When the ice looks white it’s because there are tiny air bubbles in it that refract light.  Water expands as it freezes to make ice.  Hot water freezes faster than cold water.  Water begins to freeze at 32 degrees.  

Creative Development:  Discussed:  How do you think ice sounds?  We had ice in my cup and ice in a bowl.  We listened to the ice in my cup.  We then passed around the bowl of ice so that each child could feel it and shake it to listen to the sound it made.  We looked at the Ice Collage that they will be making for centers.  

Physical Development:  Discussed what shapes do icicles form?  We looked at their My Little Journals and learned how to make a Letter V.  We discussed how they look like Icicles.  Each child practiced writing the capital and lowercase V on the wipe off boards and in their  Journals.  

Language and Literacy:  Discussed:  How do you think ice forms on objects?  When it is very cold and it snows, the snow water freezes to the outside of objects.  We learned some new Spanish words today.  Drum-“tambor” (tam-bor); piano-“piano” (pia-nou);  violin- “violin” (vaio-lin); mouse-“raton”(rah-tone);  ice- “hielo” (e-ay-lo); star- “estrella” (es-trayl-lyah); candle- “vela” (vay-lah); cookie- “galleta” (gal-lyay-tah).

Social Studies:  Discussed:  Old freezers or refrigerators were called ice boxes.  What do you keep in your fridge?  We learned the sign for “milk” and “cookie”.  Cookie-  Take your left hand palm facing up.  Make a relaxed C with your right hand put down on your left and twist left then right.  Milk-  Take your right hand and open then close your fist like milking a cow.  We sang “If your happy and you know it, eat a cookie”  We practiced using our signs for Cookie and milk.  

Afternoon Centers:  Center 1: Outside Play/Practice Christmas songs/Legos Center 2: Icicle Art-  The children will make a house and use glitter and glue to make icicles hanging from it.   Center 3: My Little Journal- The children will practice making capital and lowercase V’s.  They will then make a lot of V’s on the page to make it look like icicles. 

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