Friday: Set & Serve

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Calendar:  Discussed the date in English and Spanish and wrote it in number form. Kade was not here yet so we did calendar together. They found the day of the week in Spanish, discussed the weather and put the number on the calendar.  We reviewed our colors, shapes and Sign Language words.  

Brainstorm/Fun Facts: Reviewed what we learned about Valentine’s Day.  The children told me what they know about Setting and Serving.  How do you help set the table or serve meals? When setting a table, you get out everything you need for dinner like plates, bowls, silverware and glasses.  The table can be set for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  People serve many different types of food throughout the day;  for breakfast you might eat bacon and eggs, lunch might be a turkey sandwich and dinner could be spaghetti.  

Social Studies:  Discussed:  What does your family typically serve for breakfast? Lunch? Dinner?  We looked at the new country flag and discussed the colors and design.  We looked at the World map and found China.  Discussed that they had over 3, 800 different types of fish in their lakes and rivers.  

Language and Literacy:  Discussed:  What dishes would you need to serve soup?  We looked at their I Can Read book and learned new sight words.  We also discussed the “an” word family again.  The sight words we discussed; ran, a, to, the, for, and.  I  wrote the sentences in the book on the Wipe-off board so they could see the letters better.  The children had to read the sentences by what they learned.  I did not help them.  Mallory and Thomas knew almost every word.  

Language and Literacy;  Discussed:  What would you serve a lion for dinner?  We made a list of the foods the children said a lion would eat.  We looked through all the words we listed to see if they had L’s in the word.  We erased the words without L.  We discussed other words that had an “L” in them as well.  

Social Emotional Development:  Discussed:  What should we do to be a good host?  We had to discuss what “host” meant.  Explained that when we have guests, we should take care of their needs.  Some examples include bringing them food, asking if they want a drink and playing what they want to play.  We had the numbers 1-4 written on pieces of paper.  I laid them face down.  I had a child pick a number and tell me what it was.  They then had to set the table for that many people.  They used paper plates to set the table with.  Each child had a turn at this. 

Afternoon Centers:   Center 1:  Legos 

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