Monday: Race & Run

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Calendar:  Discussed the date in English and Spanish and wrote it in number form.  Maggie is the calendar and meteorologist girl for this week.  She was not here today so Ben did calendar today.  He added the numbers to the calendar and discussed the weather.  We reviewed our colors, shapes and Sign Language words.  

Brainstorm/Fun Facts:  Reviewed what we learned about setting and serving. Today the children told me everything they know about racing and running.  Fun facts:  There are many reasons to run like for exercise or for a race.  People run on tracks, on trails or in their neighborhood.  Heart rate is the number of heart beats per minute.  Your heart rate speeds up when you run.  

Language and Literacy:  Discussed:  Where are safe places to run?  Where are unsafe places to run?  We looked at the /an/ card and reviewed this word family.   I then added different letters to the beginning of /an/ and the children took turns reading the new words.  

Physical Development:  Discussed:  What numbers are on a clock?  I drew a circle on the wipe off board and filled in the numbers as the children told me them.  We discussed how the clock looks and what numbers are on the top, bottom and two sides. We had a spoon race.  I had a bowl full of cotton balls on one side of the room and an empty bowl on the other side of the room.  I had two children pick up the cotton balls on their large spoons and race them to the empty bowl.  They continued to do this until all the cotton balls were in the other bowl.  I used my timer to time them. I timed each group of children and we discussed the times and whose time was the fastest and discussed the differences in times.  

Mathematics and Reasoning ;  Discussed: How does your heartbeat (heart rate) change when you run? We all found our heart beats. I helped them if they needed it.  I then had them do jumping jacks, jumping and running in place. They then felt their heart rate and told me what they noticed.  I had the older kids play a game of running around the room picking up foam heart shapes and putting them on the Parquetry cards as fast as they could to fill out the pattern. 

Creative Development:  Discussed: How do you feel when you win?  Lose?  We looked at the medal’s that all the children will make in afternoon centers. We discussed when you try your best that we are all winners.  

Social Emotional Development:  Discussed:  Which type of race would you like to be in?  We discussed all the different types of races they could be in.  I then had 4 columns on a paper and we had an event at the top of each column;  run, jump, throw, kick.  Each child voted on which of the 4 races they would like best. When everyone picked their top event,  we compared the columns and discussed most and least votes.  

Afternoon Centers:   Center 1: Outside play/Little People  Center 2:  My Little Journal-  The children will make a clock and fill in all the numbers.   Center 3:  Medal Art-  The children will decorate their medal and glue on glitter. 

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