Tuesday: Jump

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Calendar:  Discussed the date in English and Spanish and wrote it in number form.  Ava did the calendar today since Maggie was not here yet.  She found the day of the week in Spanish, discussed the weather and put the number on the calendar.  We reviewed our colors, shapes, and Sign language words.

Brainstorm/Fun Facts:  Reviewed what we learned about running and racing.  The children told me everything they know about jumping. There are many animals that can jump like the kangaroo, the tree frog and rabbits.  You can do different jumping exercises like jumping jacks, tuck jumps, and jumping side to side.  The most simple method for measuring vertical jump height is against a wall.  

Creative Development:  Discussed:  What animals are known for jumping? Can you jump like those animals?  We looked at the frog hats that they will be making in afternoon centers.  

Science:  Discussed:  How many different ways can you jump? Each child tried different ways to jump (sideways, backwards, forwards, feet together, feet apart, etc.)  We looked at the pink paint brush and discussed.  I placed it on the floor and had a child jump to the paint brush (on one foot, feet apart, etc.).   They took the paint brush and found something pink in the room to paint.

Mathematics and Reasoning ;  Discussed:  How far do you think you can jump?  How could you measure a jump?  We used masking tape as a starting point.  Each child stood behind that and jumped as far as they could.  We placed masking tape where they landed and measured how many inches they jumped.  We compared their jumps to others.  Discussed how some legs are longer and some muscles stronger than others which makes you jump farther.  

Physical Development:  Discussed:  Where is it safe to jump?  Where is it not safe to jump?  Explained that it is not safe to jump on the bed.  I invited 5 children to be the monkeys to act out our rhyme.  We did the “Five Little monkeys Jumping on the Bed”, rhyme.  The children helped me decide how many monkeys were left when one fell off the bed.  

Show and Tell:  Each child brought an animal or thing that can jump.  They came up one at a time to show their item and discuss.

Afternoon Centers:   Center 1:  Lego’s  Center 2:  Frog Headband-  the children will paint the frog pattern.  They will then add eyes, nose and a tongue.  We will fit them to each child’s head.   

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