Wednesday: Kick

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Calendar:  Discussed the date in English and Spanish and wrote it in number form.  Maggie discussed the weather and put the number on the calendar.  She found the day of the week in Spanish.  Maggie reviewed our colors and shapes.  

Brainstorm/Fun Facts:  Reviewed what we learned about jumping.  Today the children told me everything they know about kicking.  Many sports require kicking like soccer, football and rugby.  In soccer the players try to kick the ball in the goal and in football kickers try to kick a field goal.  When you swim you kick your legs back and forth quickly.  Kicking is good exercise.

Physical Development:  Discussed:  What gives you energy to play sports like soccer or kickball?  We discussed healthy foods that give us energy and unhealthy foods that don’t.   We made Kicking Kabobs for the children to eat and enjoy.  We took a slice of banana, piece of pineapple and grape and put them on a pretzel stick.  I then dipped them in vanilla yogurt and sprinkled coconut on them.  They ate them and enjoyed.  They loved this snack.  

Language and Literacy:  Discussed:  What is okay to kick?  What is not okay to kick?  Why? We looked at our Bilingual Books.  We read through the book in English and Spanish and discussed.  The children will make their own in afternoon centers.

Mathematics and Reasoning ;  Discussed:  How many kicks do you think you could get in the box?  We looked at the 13 counting card and discussed the number.  The children counted the hearts on the card.  Each child got to try 2 times to kick the ball into the bucket.  If it made it in the bucket we counted that as One.  Each child got to take turns trying and we continued taking turns until we got 13 kicks that ended up in the bucket.  We then counted out 13 foam hearts.  

Creative Development:  Discussed:  What sports require kicking? Explained that soccer, kickball and football use kicking. Swimming also uses legs for kicking.  Each child laid on their belly and pretended to be swimming in the water by kicking their feet.


Tumble Bus Day:  See the form by the front door to check out the activity they did today.  

Afternoon Centers:   Center 1: Community Helper Toys  Center 2:  Bilingual Book-  We read the book in English and Spanish during lessons.  The children put the book together and colored it.    Center 3:  Play Ball Art-  The children decorated their baseball glove patterns.  They then used yarn to sew the two parts of the glove together.  

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