Thursday: Throw and Catch

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Calendar:  Discussed the date in English and Spanish and wrote it in number form.  Maggie told us the weather and put the number on the calendar.  We reviewed our colors, shapes and Sign Language   

Brainstorm/Fun Facts:  Reviewed what we learned about kicking. The children told me everything they know about catching or throwing.  Discussed the parts of your body that you use to throw and/or catch.  There are many types of balls like baseballs, basketballs, soccer  balls and footballs.  You can throw a ball underhand or overhand.  You can catch a baseball with a glove or a basketball with your bare hands.  

Creative Development:  Discussed:  What is your favorite kind of ball to catch? We looked at the baseball gloves that they made yesterday in afternoon centers.

Language and Literacy:  Discussed:  What words can you think of that begin with the letter G?  We looked in the dictionary to find more G words.  The children were getting confused with the letter J sound.  We discussed how G says /g/ like goat but sometimes borrows the j sound.  We only talked about the /g/ sound not the /j/ sound.  We looked at the hands-on Letter Gg.  

Mathematics and Reasoning;  Discussed:  How many times can you catch a ball? I called the children up one at a time and we counted how many times they were able to catch the ball  before they missed it.  We tried to get to 13 times.  The children were unable to catch it 13 times without dropping so Mallory threw the ball to Miss Kim so that I could catch it 13 times.  They counted as I caught it.  We looked at the Hands-on 13.  They discussed how too make the 13.  Each child came up one at a time to practice writing the number 13.  

Physical Development:  Discussed:  What are different ways you can throw a ball?  Each child demonstrated the way they can throw a ball.  We tossed the ball low, high, sideways, throw our legs, turning around, under hand and over hand.  

Show and Tell:  The children brought in 13 items.  They also had to bring in one item in that 13 that begins with the letter G.  Each child came up one at a time to count their 13 items and show us their G item.  Thomas and Lucas brought Marshmallows to share.

Afternoon Centers:   Center 1: Wooden Blocks Center 2:  My Little Journal-  The children will go to the page with 13 on it. They will practice writing 13. They will then make a ribbon with 13 on it.  We discussed how you can come in 13th place for something.     Center 3:  I Can Write Project-  The children will practice making lines by tracing the dotted lines on the one side of the sheet. 

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