Thursday: Cactus

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Calendar:  Discussed the date in English and Spanish and wrote it in number form.  Dylan put the number on the calendar and discussed the weather.  We discussed the pattern on the calendar and found the day of the week in Spanish. We reviewed the colors, shapes, Spanish and Sign Language words.  

Fun Facts/Brainstorming:  Reviewed what we learned about Burros.  Today the children told us everything they know about Cactus. How does a cactus feel.  Fun facts:  Cacti have sharp spines instead of leaves.  Some cacti reach heights of 3 to 10 feet.  Cacti store water so the plant can survive during long periods of drought.  One of the most familiar cactus is the Aloe Vera whose spiny stems are filled with a gel that is soothing to burns.  

Creative Development:  Discussed:  How does your face look when you get poked?  We looked at the Cactus Sculpture that they will be making this afternoon. 

Mathematics and Reasoning:  Discussed:  How many different plants have you taken care of?  We looked at the hands-on number 1 and 8.  We discussed how to make those two numbers into 18.  We then practiced counting to 18.  Explained that spikes on a cactus actually help provide some shade and protection for the plant. Each child came up one at a time to put 10 toothpicks on the numeral one and 8 toothpicks on the 8. They then counted all the toothpicks to get to 18.  

Science: Discussed:  What happens when you get wet?  We did an experiment.  We got paper towels wet.  We laid one wet paper towel out on a tray.  We rolled up the second towel and paper clipped it to secure it.  The third paper towel we rolled up and rolled it with a piece of wax paper.  We put them all on the tray and then will check them tomorrow.  We predicted what they thought might happen to the three different ones.  Explained that the waxy coating on the cactus helps it hold onto the moisture.  The wax paper rolled wet paper towel should still be wet tomorrow when we check. 

Language and Literacy: Discussed:  What letters can you make with your body? Explained that one  of the most common cacti, the saguaro cactus, has arms that branch out from its large stem, just like the letter Y.  We looked at the Y letter card and discussed the sounds it makes.  We talked about words that begin with the letter Y.  We used a piece of yarn to make the letter Y.

Afternoon Centers:  Center 1:Variety of Toys/Outside play Center 2: Cactus Sculpture-  The children will press a starch noodle onto a wet paper towel and then stick them together to make a cactus.   


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