Wednesday: Coyote

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Calendar:  Discussed the date in English and Spanish and wrote it in number form.  Keira put the number on the calendar, discussed the weather and found the day of the week in Spanish.  We reviewed the pattern on the calendar.  Keira reviewed our colors, shapes and Sign Language words.  

Fun Facts/Brainstorming:  Reviewed what they learned about the desert cottontail.  Today the children told everything they know about the Coyote. Fun facts-Coyote is an animal that belongs to the canine family.  Often known by the name of Prairie Wolf, a coyote is found in North and Central America.  Their diet consists of rabbits, insects, mice, fruits, lizards and other foods as well.  The coyote reaches a running speed of 40 miles per hour. 

Language and Literacy:  Discussed:  What do you see outside at night?  We looked at the post cards the children will be making in afternoon centers.  We reviewed what they learned about this month.  

Mathematics and Reasoning:  Discussed:  What sounds do you hear at night?  Explained that because these animals (coyote, snakes) are active at night.  They are sometimes heard before they are seen.  We made the sounds for a snake and coyote. We then worked on making several different patterns with these animal cards.  Examples:  snake, coyote, coyote, snake, coyote, coyote, ect.  

Physical Development:  Discussed:  Where do you think a coyote sleeps? Explained that the coyote digs a hole to sleep safe and cool.  We made a Desert Dessert.  The children took a baggy that had vanilla wafers and a graham cracker in it.  They then crushed it up to make sand. I put vanilla yogurt and apricot pieces in the cup.  They poured the sand on top of the yogurt and fruit and ate up this yummy snack. 

Social and Emotional Development:  Discussed:  What do you like to chase? Explained that coyote parents sometimes catch live mice to teach their pups how to hunt.  I picked one child to be the mouse and two children to be the coyote.  I had them chase the mouse and try to catch him/her.  They would then bring the mouse back to their babies.  We did this several times to give everyone a turn.

Show and Tell:  Each child brought in an item that began with the letter Ii, Yy, or Hh.  They came up one at a time to tell us about their item and why they brought it.  

Tumble Bus Day:  See the form by the front door to see what they did today on the bus.

Afternoon Centers:  Center 1: Lego’s  Center 2: Postcard-  The children will tell us what they learned about the desert and we will write that on their card.  They will then paint black water color paint over white crayon to make the night sky.   Center 3:  I Can Cut project-  The children will practice their cutting skills and cut apart the pieces.  They will then make logs, marshmallows and hot dogs with the pieces.  They will make a campfire scene.  They can pretend to sell their campfire pieces by using the dollars.  


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