Monday:What Makes Me Mad?

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Calendar:  Discussed the date in English and Spanish and wrote it in number form.  Samuel is the calendar boy for this week but he is on vacation this week, so we will be doing calendar together.  We discussed the pattern on the calendar and put the numbers on the calendar.  We reviewed the color, shape, Spanish and Sign Language words.  We discussed the weather.  

Fun Facts/Brainstorming:  Reviewed what the kids talked about on Friday.  Today the children told me what makes them feel mad?  

Social and Emotional Development:  Discussed: What colors do you think of when you feel mad?  We  looked at the postcard and looked at the faces on the card and discussed the feelings.  Discussed how the kids would draw a picture of something that would make them feel the same way as the picture.  They will then have us help them write down what makes them feel that way. 

Mathematics and Reasoning: Discussed: What makes you feel better when you are mad?  We had some riddles.  I read the clues one by one and we discussed what we thought could be in the treasure chest.  The clues helped the children narrow down the item.  I had one child come up to unlock the treasure chest with a key when they guessed the object.  Riddle 1:  I have 4 legs and a tail.  You may hear me bark or growl.  I started out as a puppy.  What am I?  (Dog)  Riddle 2: I have 4 legs and a tail.  You may hear me purr or meow.  I started out as a kitten. What am I? (cat)

Physical Development:  Discussed: What do people say when they are mad? How do these words hurt? What words would be helpful? Explained that fruit salad has many different types of fruit, just like a family has many different types of people.  When we work together we can keep feelings from getting hurt.  The children told me what we needed to do to prepare our area to make a fruit salad.  We discussed all the fruit that we have to make the salad.  We then cut it and made our own fruit salad to share.  

Language and Literacy:  Discussed: What have you seen others do to control their tempers when they get mad?  Explained that sometimes just counting to ten can help you feel better when you are mad.  We counted together to 10 and discussed if we felt more relaxed when we were done.  We looked at their My Little Journals and discussed how they will be drawing 10 mad faces or 10 happy faces in their journal this afternoon.

Show and Tell: The children brought in 10 items.  They came up one at a time to count out the items.  We discussed if they had 10 items or more or less.  We then helped them figure out how to get 10 items in their bags. 

Afternoon Centers:  Center 1:Outside Play Center 2: Postcards-The children will draw beside each feeling what makes them feel that way: happy, sad, surprised, mad.  They then had the teachers help them write what they drew about.  Center 3:  My Little Journal- The children will go to the page with 10 on it and draw 10 happy faces or 10 mad faces.  They will then practice writing the number 10.  


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