Monday: Farmer

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Calendar:  Discussed the date in English and Spanish and wrote it in number form. Dylan is the calendar and meteorologist for this week but he is on fall break so we will be doing it together.  Keira helped us find the numbers for the calendar and put them in the correct spot. She found the day of the week in Spanish, discussed the weather and pattern.  We reviewed our colors, shapes, Spanish, Sign language and sight words.  

Fun Facts/Brainstorming: Reviewed what the children learned about barns.  Today the children told everything they know about Farmers.   Fun facts:  Farmers may learn about agriculture through a training program at a college or university.  Farmers of livestock work throughout the year.  Animals must be fed and watered daily.  Dairy cows must be milked two or three times a day.  Farmers on crop farms usually work from sunrise to sunset during the planting and harvesting seasons.  During the rest of the year they plan next season’s crops, market their products and repair machinery.  Crop farmers are responsible for planting, tilling, planning, fertilizing, cultivating, spraying, and harvesting.  After they harvest, they make sure the crops are properly packaged, stored or marketed.  Some farmers earn additional income by working a second job off the farm.  

Language and Literacy:  Discussed: Where do you see dirt or soil?   We looked at the Postcards that they will be making in afternoon centers.  Discussed all the different seeds they could plant and grow.  They will write a note to someone to tell them what they are growing on the postcards.  

Physical Development:  Discussed: What do you like to eat? What do you think farmers like to eat?  I held up the children’s name tags and they told me if it was theirs.  That child read their full name and then they discussed what their first name begins with.  We talked about how to form the first letter in their name.  The children then all washed their hands and went to the kitchen to make their first letter in their name out of dough!  They had to roll the dough out so that they could form it into the letter. They all had fun doing this. Thomas then used the egg to brush on the top of each dough letter.  We baked it in the oven and they got to eat their letters at lunch.

Mathematics and Reasoning:  Discussed: What do you think a farmer would do if one of his animals went missing? We looked at the two treasure chests.  I told the children I would read the clues one at a time and they would try guessing what was inside the chest. This will be a farm animal.  After each clue we tried to narrow down their guesses.   Treasure chest 1:  I live on a farm.  I have 4 legs. I give you milk.  What am I?  (cow) I had one child sitting nicely to come up and pick the correct key and try to unlock the chest to see the animal that it is.  Treasure chest 2:  I live on a farm.  I have 2 legs.  I give you eggs.  What am I? (chicken)

Social Studies:  Discussed: Where do you think farms can be found? Explained that there are farms all over the world. What is grown on the farms depends on the climate, soil and the animals that live there.  We looked at the World Map and discussed some of the different things grown different places.  We found “Europe” on the map and discussed that Switzerland is located there.  In Switzerland there are many dairy farms.  Explained that dairy farmers take care of cows.  They milk them and sell the milk to places to make cheese, yogurt, chocolate, ice cream and many other dairy products.

Afternoon Centers:  Center 1:Outside play Center 2: Postcard-The children will dip their finger in paint to plant seeds on the postcard.  They will then draw sprouts, leaves and produce growing from the seeds.  They will write a note to someone telling about what they are growing.   


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