Monday: Cow

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Calendar: Discussed the date in English and Spanish and wrote it in number form.  Keira is the new calendar and meteorologist for this week.   She put the numbers on the calendar, discussed the pattern and discussed the weather.  We reviewed our colors, shapes, Sign Language, Spanish and Sight words.  

Fun Facts/Brainstorming: Reviewed what we learned on our Field trip on Friday at the Apple Orchard.  We had so much fun on this field trip.  Today the children told me everything they know about Cows.  Fun facts:  Cattle are herbivores that eat vegetation such as grass.  Cows have one stomach that has four chambers which help break down what they eat.  There are well over 1 billion cattle in the world.  Cows are sacred in India and there are an estimated 300 million cows there.  Young cattle are generally known as calves.  Adult females are called cows.  Adult males that are not castrated are generally called bulls.  They are red/green color blind.  In the bull fighting sport, bulls are angered by the movement of the cape not the red color.  Cattle are farmed for a number of agricultural products including meat and dairy products.  

Social and Emotional Development: Discussed: What types of food can be made from a cows milk?  We looked at the Charting Choices poster and discussed each choice the children could make: milk, yogurt, cheese.  Explained that all of these items come from a cow’s milk.  The children came up one at a time and put a sticker in the column of the one they liked the best.  We then discussed more, less and equal to.

Language and Literacy: Discussed: What kind of cheese is your favorite? We had some cheese cubes on a plate that we put in the middle of our circle. The children walked in a circle signing the song, “The Farmer and the Dell” .  We continued with the verses until the rat takes the cheese.  I picked a child to be the rat and they took the cheese and put it where it belonged on the food group poster.  They then got to eat the cheese.  We continued this until each child had a turn at being the rat and eating the cheese.  

Creative Development: Discussed: How many spots do you think are on a cow?  Explained that not all cows have spots.  Cows come in different shapes, sizes colors and with or without spots.   We looked at the Art they will be doing in afternoon centers.

Mathematics and Reasoning: Discussed: What have you seen with spots on it?  We counted to 12 in English and Spanish.  The children had to tell me when to stop.  We looked at their journal page and discussed what they will be doing in afternoon centers.

Afternoon Centers: Center 1:Wooden Blocks/Outside Center 2: My Little Journal-The children draw a cow on the page with 12.  They will then dip their fingers into ink and make 12 spots on the cow.   Center 3: Spotted Cow Art-  The children painted the clothespins black for the legs.  They will then tear pieces of tissue paper to glue onto the cow pattern as its spots.  They will add wiggly eyes and clip on the black clothespins as their legs.  


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