Tuesday: Milk

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Calendar:  Discussed the date in English and Spanish and wrote it in number form.  Keira put the number on the calendar, discussed the weather and found the day of the week in Spanish.   Reviewed the shapes, colors, Spanish, Sign Language and Sight words.  

Fun Facts/Brainstorming:  Reviewed what they learned about cows yesterday. Today the children told everything they know about milk.  Fun facts:  It takes 29 cups of milk to make 1 pound of butter.  A cow can’t give milk until she has given birth to a calf.  The average cow produces 90 glasses of milk each day-or about 200,000 glasses of milk throughout her life.  A cow’s udder can hold 25-50 pounds of milk.  American dairy farmers produced 156.6 billion pounds of milk in 1997.  Most cows give more milk when they listen to music.  Blue whale calves drink as much as 132 gallons of milk a day.  A baby whale can increase its weight by 200 pounds in one day.  Yak’s milk is pink.  Camel’s milk does not curdle.  

Mathematics and Reasoning:  Discussed: What kinds of things can you put on a tractor-trailer?  We paired the children up to have a partner.  Each child sat by their tractor on the folder game.  They took turns drawing a card to see if the bale of hay matched the letter or animals on the ones on their tractor wagon.  If they had a match they laid it on the matching bale of hay.  If they did not have a match then they put the card back and the next person took a turn.  We played until all of their tractors had matching bales of hay.

Social and Emotional Development:  Discussed: What do you do if you spill something?  We got to try chocolate or strawberry milk. Each child picked the kind they wanted and I made it for them.

Social Studies:  Discussed: Where do you see flags?  Explained that the European country of Switzerland has a flag that is red with a white cross in the middle.  I showed the children how to draw the cross with chalk on the red paper.  Switzerland has the world’s longest tunnel.  I had a paper towel tube and we put cars in it to drive through the tunnel.  Children in Switzerland play a game called, “Topfschlagen” which means “Hit the Pot”.  I had a pot in the middle of the floor and had one child squeeze his/her eyes tight shut and hit the wooden spoon on the floor to find the pot.  They were crawling with their eyes closed hitting the floor until they found the pot to hit.  The children had a hard time keeping their eyes closed.  Each child had a turn to do this.  Switzerland is well known for its cheese and chocolates.

Language and Literacy:  Discussed: What flavors of milk have you tasted? We looked at the journal page and I showed the children how to draw a cup on the brown page.  We then discussed how we could turn it into chocolate milk.  I painted the cup to show them chocolate milk and discussed how they had to stay in the lines since the cup doesn’t have holes in it.

Afternoon Centers:  Center 1:Outside Play Center 2: My Little Journal-The children went to the brown page and colored the paintbrush brown.  They then drew a cup and painted the cup brown to make chocolate milk.  Center 3:  Switzerland Flag- the children used white chalk on the red paper to draw a cross and make the flag of Switzerland.  


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