Friday: Mud

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Calendar:  Discussed the date in English and Spanish and wrote it in number form.  Keira put the number on the calendar, discussed the weather, discussed the pattern and found the day of the week in Spanish.  Reviewed the colors, shapes, Spanish, Sign Language and Sight words.  

Fun Facts/Brainstorming:  Reviewed what the children learned about Goats.  Today the children told me everything they know about mud.   Explained that mud is made when you mix water with dirt.  Fun facts:  Mud is a mixture of water and some combination of soil, silt, and clay.  It can provide a home for numerous types of animals, including varieties of worms, frogs, snails, clams, and crayfish.  Pigs and elephants, bathe in mud in order to cool off and protect themselves from the sun.  In the construction industry, mud is a fluid material used to coat or adhere together items that dries hard such as plaster, stucco, concrete or any other similar substances.

Creative Development:  Discussed: How do you stay dry in the rain?  We looked at the letter U.  The children found the letter U on the alphabet strip.  The children told which of the two pictures by the U would help you stay dry in the rain?  We discussed this letter and the sounds it makes.  We then told all the U words we could think of.  We also looked in the dictionary to find more U words. We showed the children how to make the letter Uu on the wipe off board. They each came up one at a time to practice writing the letter Uu.

Mathematics and Reasoning:  Discussed: Have you stepped in a mud puddle? What happened?  We had different sizes of pigs on the floor.  We had the children find the big pig.  Asked the children if they think this big pig would rather roll in the big mud puddle or jump over it.  The children then found the big or little mud puddle and jump over it or pretend to roll in it.  After they all had a turn, we worked together to put the pigs in order from largest to smallest then match them with the correct size of mud puddles.

Language and Literacy:  Discussed: How do you think mud feels? We looked at the Mud art they will be doing in afternoon centers.  

Science:  Discussed: What makes a mud puddle?  We had a tub that had dirt in it. The children felt the dry dirt and explored in it.  Discussed the sounds it made and what it felt like.  They got to dig holes in the dirt.  We then poured water into the dirt.  The children discussed what happened to the dirt.  They then got to play in the mud and discuss the difference between the dry dirt and mud.  Discussed what we could do to dry up the puddles in the mud?

Social Studies: Discussed: How is mud helpful?   We looked at the Friendship Feather and recalled what it means to be thankful.  Since all crops need water to grow, farmers are thankful for muddy, rainy days and they like some sunshine, too.  We used the weather sticks for the children to take turns coming up and choosing one weather stick.  Another child then came up to find the opposite weather and place it next to first chosen stick.  Then everyone shouted, “Thank you!”  After each child had a turn to do this, we discussed what type of weather each child is thankful for and wrote it on the back of their Friendship Feather.

Afternoon Centers:  Center 1:Outside play/Legos  Center 2: Mud Art- We added sand to brown paint.  The children then used their fingers to paint a picture or write words using the paint mixture.  


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