Wednesday: Hair Dresser

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Calendar:  Discussed the date in English and Spanish and wrote it in number form. Samuel put the number on the calendar, discussed the pattern, found the day of the week in Spanish and discussed the weather.  He reviewed our colors, shapes, Spanish, Sign Language and Sight words

Fun Facts/Brainstorming:  Reviewed what we learned about bankers. Today the children told us everything they know about Hair Dressers.  How do you like your hair to be styled? Fun facts:  A hair dresser is a person who cuts and styles hair as an occupation.  Hairdressing as an occupation dates back thousands of years.  It was in France where men began styling women’s hair for the first time. 

Creative Development: Discussed: Who helps you do your hair?  Explained that a hairdresser is someone that cuts and styles hair.  I showed the children how to wrap a paper strip around a pencil.  The children got to see it curl.  I then showed the children the mask they will be making during center time.

Mathematics and Reasoning:  Discussed:What tools have you seen a hairdresser? We had 4 hair style signs: straight, curly, long, short.  I placed a cup behind each sign and the cups had soapy water in it.  Explained that the soapy water cleans the comb.  A hairdresser has to clean his tools, too.  I had each child come up one at a time to place a comb in the cup behind the hair style they would like to have.  We then counted how many combs were in each cup and discussed more and less.  We had 3 cups with 2 combs in each which resulted in a tie.

Science: Discussed: What have you used to dry your hair?  Explained that a hairdresser often uses a blow dryer to speed up the hair drying process so she can style the hair.  I had the children blow on their hands and tell me what they feel and hear.  I had a variety of items for them to blow and see if they could move them.  I had each child come up one at a time to try  to blow the items.  I then used the blow dryer to blow the same item.  They discovered that the blow dryer blew the items faster than their mouths did. 

Language and Literacy: Discussed: Who do you know with long hair? Very short hair?  We discussed the letter V.  I showed the children how to make the Letter V on the wipe off board.  Each child come up one at a time to practice writing the capital and lowercase Vv.  

Tumble Bus Day:  Please see the form by the front door to see the activities they did on the bus!

Afternoon Centers:  Center 1:Wooden Blocks/Outside Play Center 2: Cut and Curl Mask- The children dipped a comb into paint to paint on hair to the mask.  They then curled, cut and styled the strips of paper and put those on the mask as the hair.  They attached a stick so they could hold their mask on their face.  Center 3:  My Little Journal-The children practiced writing their capital and lowercase V’s on the journal page.  They took a large V and gave it a haircut by cutting a little off the top of the V  and glued the V on the top of the page. Center 4: Keyboard Cutting-The children will cut out the notes for the keyboard. They can then pretend to play the piano. This is part of Friday’s lesson.


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