Tuesday: Hedgehog

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Calendar:  Discussed the date in English and Spanish and wrote it in number form.  Abby was not here for lessons today so we did the calendar together.  We added the number to the calendar, discussed the weather, found the day of the week in Spanish and discussed the new pattern.  We reviewed our colors, shapes, Spanish, Sign Language and Sight words.

Fun Facts/Brainstorming:  Reviewed what we learned about deer.  Today the children told me what they know about hedgehogs.  The children did not know anything about hedgehogs so we discussed.  Fun facts:  A hedgehog is a small nocturnal Old World mammal with a spiny coat and short legs, able to roll itself into a ball for defense.  The name for a baby hedgehog is a hoglet. They have poor eyesight, but excellent senses of smell and hearing.  Hedgehogs are lactose intolerant.  They are easily recognized by their spines, which are hollow hairs made stiff with keratin.  Their spines are not poisonous or barbed and, unlike the quills of a porcupine, cannot easily be removed from the hedgehog.  However, spines normally come out when a hedgehog sheds baby spines and replaces them with adult spines.  When they are under extreme stress or during sickness, a hedgehog can also lose spines.  They feed on insects, snails, frogs and toads, snakes, bird eggs, carrion, mushrooms, grass, roots, berries, melons and watermelons.

Mathematics and Reasoning:  Discussed:  What shapes have you seen in the woods? We looked at the foam shapes and discussed the shape.  Talked about how the square has 4 sides that are all the same size.  Discussed the difference between a rectangle and a square. We looked at the foam shapes and the children discussed different ways that we could sort them.  This was hard for them to explain.  I told them that we could sort by color or size.  We then discussed how they could sort by color AND size.  I laid out one of each color and size.  I had the children come up one at a time to continue sorting by color and size.  They had to look at both color and size to sort.  A few of the children had difficulty with this.

Language and Literacy: Discussed: When have you seen snow?  We looked at the Theme Poster and the children discussed everything they saw. I picked the 4 children sitting the best to come up one at a time and pick a Look and Find Glass.  They had to tell me what the picture was and follow the directions on the Glass.  Look and Find Glass 1- Look and find a hedgehog.  Where do you think the hedgehogs are going?  How many hedgehogs are there?  Can you roll like a hedgehog?  Look and Find Glass 2-  Look and find icicles.  Pretend to be walking on the frozen ice.  Which way are the icicles pointing?  How many icicles do you see?  Look and Find Glass 3- Look and find a mouse.  How many mice do you see?  How can you sneak around like a mouse?  Look and Find Glass 4- Look and find a pine cone.  What do you see in the trees?  How can  you stand like a tree?

Science: Discussed:  What have you felt that is pokey? Explained that when a hedgehog is born, it has soft spikes (quills).  As it grows, the quills harden for protection.  I had a bag full of items from nature: pine cones, pine needles, leaves and sticks.  The children came up one at a time and picked up an item in their hand without looking and described what they felt.  They then told us what they thought the  item was.  We looked at what they would do in afternoon centers.

Creative Development:  Discussed:  What would you feed a hedgehog?  Looked at the craft we would be doing in afternoon centers.

Social Studies:  Discussed:  What is the weather like in the winter where you live? Looked at the theme poster and discussed the weather they saw in this picture.  We then discussed how that weather is similar or different than our weather.  Explained that in the woodlands of the North it snows in the winter.  Many changes happen in the woodlands in the winter, including changes to the animals that live there.  

Afternoon Centers:  Center 1:Outside play/Little People Center 2: My Hedgehog Story- The children take the pokey balls and dip into paint to tap on the hedgehog to make its quills.  They then had to make up a story about a hedgehog and Ms. Ashlie wrote the story they told.  Center 3:  Hungry Hedgehog- We traced each child’s hand on paper.  They then decorated that hand print to look like a hedgehog.  They dipped their finger into paint and made prints on the paper.  They turned those prints into bugs to feed the hedgehog. 


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