Monday: What is Adoption?

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Calendar:  Discussed the date in English and Spanish and wrote it in number form.  Keira is the new calendar girl for this week.  She put the number on the calendar, discussed the weather and found the day of the week in Spanish.  She reviewed the colors, shapes, Spanish, Sign Language and Sight words.

Fun Facts/Brainstorming:  Reviewed what the children learned about when they were born.  Today the children told us what they know about adoption.  Fun facts:  The definition of adoption is to take into one’s family through legal means, and raise child/animal like your own.  In the wild if a mother rejects her baby they have a chance to be “adopted” by another mother or father.  In Thailand a mother tiger adopted baby pigs and let them nurse from her.  A four year old dog “adopted” a 2 month old tiger after she was rejected by her mother.  People can be adopted into a family as well, there are 125,000 adoptions every year. 

Mathematics and Reasoning: Discussed: If you adopt a baby animal for your family,which would you choose?  We looked at the playing cards and discussed each child’s favorite animal.  We played bingo with the cards.

Language and Literacy: Discussed: How can you help take care of baby animals adopted into your family?  We looked at the World Map and found the green continent which is Canada.  Discussed how it is above the United States where they live.  People all over the world adopt puppies for a variety of reasons.  In Canada, some people take care of their puppies and raise them to be sled dogs.  The children had a box and pretended to be a sled dog and pull it around the room.  They took turns doing this.  Discussed things the dogs would need to be well cared for in a cold climate, such as food, water, shelter and love.

Science: Discussed: What is your favorite treat to eat? We had the children come up one at a time to feel what was inside the bag.  They couldn’t tell anyone what they thought it was until all children had a turn to feel.  The children had to say a word or two describing the feel or smell of the item. After each child had a turn to feel and smell it, we showed the children what it was. They are dog treats.  Explained that some people give treats to their pets for various reasons.  

Social and Emotional Development: Discussed: How can you show love to a puppy or other adopted baby?  When you adopt any baby, you make a promise to take care of it.  It is a part of your family.  The children learned the sign for “water”.  Form your right hand into the letter “W”.  Touch your mouth with your index finger then pull away.  The children practiced the “water” sign.  

Show and Tell:  The children each brought in 5 items they came up one at a time to count out their items and discuss.  

Afternoon Centers:  Center 1: Legos 


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