Tuesday: Which Babies are Carried by Mouth?

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Calendar:  Discussed the date in English and Spanish and wrote it in number form.  Keira put the number on the calendar, found the day of the week in Spanish and discussed the pattern.  She also changed the dial on the weather chart to match the weather.  Keira reviewed the colors, shapes, Spanish and Sign Language words.  

Fun Facts/Brainstorming:  Reviewed what the children learned about adoption.  Today the children told what they know about certain animals carrying their babies in their mouth. Discussed:  What do you put in your mouth?   Fun facts:  Alligators carry their young by mouth.  The mother lion and cats will carry her cubs also in her mouth.  Male frogs carry baby frogs in their mouth 19 at a time.

Creative Development: Discussed: How big is your mouth? We looked at the Fishy Cup art and discussed how they will make it this afternoon.  The children predicted how many packing peanuts they could put inside the cup for the Fishy art.  We then put the peanuts in the cup and discussed if their predictions were correct.

Language and Literacy: Discussed: What could you carry in your mouth?  We learned some new Spanish words.  Chick-“pollito”; Lamb-“cordero”; puppy-“perrito”; bunny- “conejito”.  

Mathematics and Reasoning: Discussed: Where would you hide your babies if you were a fish?  When a parent fish needs to eat, it hides its babies in algae, sea grass or coral as it collects food.   We looked at their journal pages and showed them how to make the fish hide using 5 pieces of sea grass.

Physical Development: Discussed: How can you move your body like a fish? Encouraged the children to try moving different parts of their bodies like a fish’s mouth.  Invited them to open and close hands, arms and legs.  Encouraged them to lift their heads up and down and pretend their  neck is a fish mouth.  Each child then found a small object to tuck under their chins.  They practiced racing with the objects without dropping them.  They tried to keep their objects safely under their chins while they ran.

Show and Tell:   The children all wore brown today. They stood up one at a time showing what they had on that was brown.  We then discussed how many had brown and how many did not.  Discussed more and less.

Afternoon Centers:  Center 1:Bowling Pins and Waffle Blocks  Center 2: Fishy Cup Art-The children took the cup and painted it like a fish.  They added eyes, fins and tails.    Center 3:  My Little Journal- They went to the page with number 5.  They cut out 5 pieces of sea grass out of green paper.  They then used paint to make 5 thumbprint fish on the paper.  They hid the fish behind the sea grass pieces. 


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