Monday: Mountain Hiking

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Calendar:   Discussed the date in English and Spanish. Keira is the new calendar person for this week!  She put the number on the calendar, discussed the weather, found the day of the week in Spanish and told us the pattern on the calendar.  She reviewed all our sight words, Spanish words, Sign language and counted to 20 in English and Spanish.

Fun Facts/Brainstorming:  Reviewed what the children learned about freezing and melting.  Discussed:  What might you see on a hike?   Each child came up one at a time.  We had the child then point at the number line and open his/her eyes.  They discussed if the number is more or less than 4.  

Language and Literacy:  Discussed: What do you think you would do if you got lost on a mountain? Explained that if you are lost, you should stay where you are and make noise. Invited each child to practice writing the letters of his / her name on separate pieces of paper.  The children discussed the first letter in their names and the sound it made.

Social Studies:  Discussed: What types of animals do you think you might see on a mountain? Set out a tray of sand and dirt. Invited children to explore making handprints or footprints in it. What do you think it means to be responsible? What do you think are important hiking rules? Invited children to share their ideas as we made a class list of ” Responsible Rules.”  They pretended to take a hike through the mountains and when they came to the bear track they had to count to 14 and then tiptoe past the bear track.

Physical Development: Discussed: Why do you think a bear likes mountains? Hide the Counting Bears around the room and invite children to pretend to hike and gather them.   The children worked together to put the bears in piles of 4.  They then placed the bears on the counting card to check their groupings.

Show and Tell:  Each child was to bring in 4 items.  They came up one at a time and counted out their 4 items and discussed if they got the correct amount or more or less.  

Afternoon Centers:   Center 1-  Wooden Car tracks  Center 2-  Each child turned to the number 4 page in their my little journal and practiced writing the number 4. The children put finger prints with paint on their journal page. They then turned 4 of the prints into hikers.  


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