Friday: Skiing

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Calendar:   Discussed the date in English and Spanish.  Keira put the number on the calendar, discussed the pattern and found the day of the week in Spanish.  We reviewed our Sign Language, Spanish Words and Numbers in English and Spanish.  

Fun Facts/Brainstorming:  Reviewed what the children learned yesterday about the Mountain top.Discussed:  What do you need to ski?  Fun Facts: Skiing has been around for over 5,000 years. Skiing was originally a form of transportation in the mountains of Europe. Historians believe that people in what is now Norway were the first to use skis as a way to traverse snow covered terrain while hunting. The use of skis gradually expanded throughout Scandinavia and then to Russia as a mean of transportation across snow. Downhill skiing grew from cross-country skiing somewhere in the early 1700s. You can ski faster than your car can go. In 1999 Harry Egger set a world speed-skiing record by traveling 154 miles per hour. 

Physical Development:  Discussed: What do you think you would need to make skis? Set out a pile of mini craft sticks. Invited children to experiment building with them. What letters, numbers or shapes can they make?

Social and Emotional Development:  Discussed: What do you think it would be like to ski up a mountain? Invited children to sit on the blanket while the others experimented pulling him around the room. Encouraged the children to try pulling different amounts of children. We read the “Would You Rather” questions and the children put a bear on the picture they would rather do.  We compared more and less with the bear chart.

Language and Literacy:  Discussed: What is the tallest thing where you live? Showed children the Daily Topic Poster and explained the Mt.Everest is the highest mountain in the world. It is found in Nepal. Encouraged the children to walk around the room and find the tallest thing they can reach.

Mathematics and Reasoning: Discussed:  How do you think skis help you glide across the snow rather than sink into it? Invited the children to explore the feel and smell of the flour ( powder or sand). 

Afternoon Centers:   Center 1-   Legos   

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