Tuesday: Egg

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Calendar:   Discussed the date in English and Spanish. Stephenye found the number to put on the calendar, discussed the weather and found the day of the week in Spanish.  She then reviewed all our Sight words, Spanish, Sign Language and numbers.

Fun Facts/Brainstorming:  Reviewed what the children learned about Martin Luther King, Jr.  Discussed:  How big do you think a dinosaur egg could be?  Can you make the shape with your hands or arms?  Dinosaur eggs could be up to 18 inches long.  Fun facts:  As far as we can tell, mother dinosaurs laid anywhere from a handful (three to five) to a whole clutch (15 to 20) eggs at a single sitting.  Most of the dozen or so eggs laid by a female Apatosaurus would be immediately devoured by predators, and of the remainder, most newborn hatchlings would be gobbled up as soon as they left the egg. The biggest dinosaur eggs scientists know of  are the eggs of the segnosaurus, which were about 19 inches long. The smallest dinosaur eggs ever found measured about 0.7 inches (smaller than the diameter of a penny).

Science:  Discussed:  What kind of dinosaur would you like to see? Looked at the Oval Cutout that they will be doing in afternoon centers.  

Creative Development: Discussed: Who do you think would want to eat baby dinosaurs? Explained that predators like larger dinosaurs would sometimes wait for eggs to hatch so they could eat the babies. The babies would have to run away as soon as they broke through the shells.  I picked one  child to be the T-rex and the other children crouched down to be an egg.  When I said “Go” they had to hatch and run to hide before the T-rex ate them.  We did this until each child had a turn to be T-rex.  We then would count how many babies would survive by hiding and how many the T-rex got to eat.  

Science: Discussed: How long do you think it took dinosaur eggs to hatch?  We had tiny dinosaurs hidden in a mixture of baking soda, water and food coloring.  The children got to feel the egg and discuss what it felt like.  They then took different items and worked on breaking the eggs and finding the dinosaur. We sprayed one egg with Vinegar and watched the egg fizz and disappear.  

Language and Literacy: Discussed: How do the words “egg” and “elephant” sound the same? We looked at the capital and lowercase Ee.  Discussed the sounds the letter makes and words that begin with the letter e.  We learned how to write the letter and practiced writing it on the Wipe-off board.  

Show and Tell: The children brought in items that begin with the letter “E”.  They came up one at a time to show their item and discuss why they brought it.

Afternoon Centers:   Center 1-  Legos  Center 2-My Little JournalThey all turned to the letter E page in their my little journals. They practiced writing the letter Ee.  They used a paper towel tub to make oval prints on the page like an egg.  They wrote the letter E inside the oval.  Center 3-   Each child was given a piece of paper shaped like an egg. They then created their own dinosaur. They gave it a name and told a little bit about their dinosaur. 

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