Wednesday: Head

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Calendar: Discussed the date in English and Spanish. Stephenye put the number on the calendar, found the day of the week in Spanish and discussed the weather. She reviewed the Sign Language, Spanish, Numbers and Sight words.

Fun Facts/Brainstorming: Reviewed what the children learned about eggs.  Discussed:  What do you see on a Dinosaur’s head?  We looked at the oval shape and had a large oval taped on the floor.  Fun facts:  The skull of a Triceratops alone could grow over 7 feet in length.  T-Rex’s head was about 5 feet long.  Its skull had holes in it which made it lighter and easier to carry around.  The  Triceratops dinosaur is one of the most famous dinosaurs. It is widely known for its large head with three horns.

Mathematics and Reasoning: Discussed: How is your head similar to and different from a dinosaur head? Set out mirrors and the dinosaur cards and invited them to explore their heads and the dinosaur heads. What do they notice? We played a game.   A child came up one at a time to roll the Dice cube and name the dinosaur that they landed on.  They then took a red chip and placed it on the matching Dinosaur Column.  After each child had a turn to roll and place the red chip on the correct column, we looked at dinosaur graph and discussed more and less.

 Language and Literacy: Discussed: How big do you think a dinosaur’s head was? The biggest dinosaur head ever found was 8 feet long! We taped an oval 8 feet long on the floor and invited the children to experiment with how many of them could fit inside of it. Looked at the postcard they will be doing in afternoon centers.

Physical Development: Discussed: What would you eat if you were an herbivore? Invited children to explore the ingredients and taste a little bit of each (pretzel rod, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, cream cheese)  Which ingredients would an herbivore dinosaur eat?  We made a Tree to eat with the ingredients.   We took a pretzel rod and broke in half then put cream cheese on it to stick the halves together.  We then stuck a piece of broccoli and tomato to the broccoli.  The kids loved their tree.

Language and Literacy: Discussed: What helps you see? Set out magnifying glasses and binoculars and invited the children to use them to explore looking at books or items around the room. Explained that some dinosaurs had eyes on the sides of their heads and it was believed that they could see things behind them.

 Tumble Bus Day:   Please see the form by the front door but do NOT take the form as Mr. Mik picks it up next week when he leaves the next activity sheet.

Afternoon Centers: Center 1- Coloring and Books Center 2- Each child was given a post card. They dipped their hands in paint and made a handprint on the postcard. They then turned their handprint into a dinosaur. Center 3-  The children turned to the purple page in their my little journals. They cut out purple items from magazines and glued them to the page and circled the items a dinosaur would eat. 

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