Wednesday: Jurassic Climate

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Calendar: Discussed the date in English and Spanish.  Harper put the number on the calendar, discussed the weather and found the day of the week in Spanish.  We reviewed our Spanish, sign language, numbers and Sight words.

Fun Facts/Brainstorming: Reviewed what the kids learned about Volcanoes.  Discussed:  What type of weather do you think a dinosaur prefers?  We discussed what Jurassic Climate meant.  Fun facts:  The region experienced a desert climate during the early Jurassic.  The climate then became moister and milder later in the period.  Europe was covered with shallow seas throughout the Jurassic.

Social Studies: Discussed: How is the land on Earth like a puzzle? Set out a big bowl of water and a few floating toys. Invited children to play with the toys and then watch them move around in the water.  We laid out 7 towels and explained that before Jurassic times, the Earth only had one continent, Pangea.  Earthquakes and volcanoes separated the landmass and now the continents slowly move around in the water.  Explained that this is how the dinosaurs were separated.  I had the children come up one by one and work together to put the towels together to make one big continent like it was.

Science: Discussed: What do you think a dinosaur would do if it were raining? Snowing? Hot and sunny? We had labels of the different weather taped on the 5 cups.  The children told me the weather today and we put that day stick in the correct cup.  We will do this daily for 7 days and then discuss which weather happened the most.

Language and Literacy: Discussed: Why do you think the dinosaurs disappeared? Explained that it got so hot during the Jurassic times that much of the food dried up. Some of the dinosaurs disappeared because they had no food. We had word puzzles that the children had to use the letter: L, E or V to fill in the blank on the word to make a word.  Example:  p_n, l_g, th_, _ _ t, _ eg.  

Language and Literacy: Discussed: How do you think a dinosaur protected its eggs? Set out the cards and search through them to identify which photos have tails. Explained that some dinosaurs had flexible tails they could whip at enemies to protect themselves  or their babies.  We turned all the cards face down and explained that the dinosaurs are trying to find their eggs before the volcano erupts. The children took turns turning over 2 cards to try to find the matching uppercase and lowercase letter. If he/she draws a volcano card they set it on the envelope.  The second volcano card drawn means the game is over.

Afternoon Centers: Center 1- Dancing Center 2- Protect the Egg Pocket Game- The children will get their own game pieces to cut apart and make that we played today.  

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