Thursday: Jurassic Plants

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Calendar: Discussed the date in English and Spanish.  Keira helped us with calendar today.  She put the number on the calendar, discussed the pattern, weather and found the day of the week in Spanish.  We put the day of the week weather stick in the cup from lessons yesterday. 

Fun Facts/Brainstorming: Reviewed what the children learned about the Jurassic Climate.  Discussed: What plants they think were in the Jurassic period.  What do plants need to grow.  Fun facts:  Ferns and gingkoes were the dominant plants of the early Jurassic.  Cone-bearing plants such as conifers were wide spread by the end of the Jurassic period. 

Science: Discussed: Do you think dinosaurs would have liked beans if they had grown during dinosaur days? The children predicted what they thought would happen to a bean that we put on a peat pellet and add water to it. Each child got to pick a bean and put it on their peat pellet and water it.  We will watch it throughout the weeks to see what happens to them.

Language and Literacy: Discussed: What plants do you see around the room? The children traced their foot on a green piece of paper.  They then hung the leafs up to make a tree.  We learned the word for leaf in Spanish  “hoja”.

Social and Emotional Development: Discussed: Would you rather be a carnivore or an herbivore? Set out the eggs from the Counting Set. Invited children to explore how they can balance, roll, stack and slide.  We had a graph that the children got to place a link on the space above the picture that they would rather do.  Each child answered the following questions and added the links to the graph.  We then discussed the graph on which columns were more or less. Questions:  Would you rather see a volcano erupt or see a dinosaur?  Would you rather ride a pterodactyl or a stegosaurus? Would you rather climb a tree or a volcano? Would you rather eat a fish or a fern? Would you rather be a stegosaurus or a pterodactyl?  Would you rather pet a fish or pet a dinosaur?

Mathematics and Reasoning: Discussed: What is your favorite food? What shape is it? Cut out variety of shapes and spread them on the floor along with items of various shapes. Invited children to explore the items and cutouts. Do they try to match shapes with real items? How else do they sort or arrange the items?  We discussed the number 15.  The children learned how to make the number and we looked at their My Little Journals. 

Show and Tell:  Everyone was asked to bring in a leaf with different colors. They came up one at a time and discussed what a leaf is called in Spanish.  They then told us how many leaves they brought and what colors they were.  We counted the different colors they used.

Afternoon Centers: Center 1- Community Helper Toys Center 2- My Little Journal- The children went to the page with the number 15.  They practiced writing the number. They then traced three of their fingers on the page.  They drew 3 leaves on each finger.  They then counted the leaves to see if it was 15. Center 3- Leaf Art- The children will trace their feet and cut them out. We will hang them on the wall to make a tree with leaves.   

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