Friday: Rocket Ship

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Calendar:   Discussed the date in English and Spanish.   Carter put the number on the calendar, discussed the pattern and found the day of the week in Spanish.  He helped us review our Spanish, Sign language, sight words and numbers.

Fun Facts/Brainstorming:  Reviewed what the children learned about Space food.  Discussed:  What do you know about rocket ships?  Fun facts:  The space shuttle was the first piece of space exploration technology that was reusable.  Although over 600 astronauts have flown to outer space on the space shuttle, only about seven can fly at one time.  The longest orbit of the space shuttle lasted 17 1/2 days.  The space shuttle takes off like a rocket yet lands like a plane.  The fuel for the space shuttle is mostly made of oxygen and hydrogen.  Most space shuttle launches occurred during the day time.  The first space shuttle test flight took place in 1981.  The space shuttle completed 135 missions. There have been 5 space shuttles which were named Enterprise, Columbia, Challenger, Discovery and Atlantis.  All space shuttles launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Language and Literacy:  Discussed: Where do you think a rocket ship can land? When rocket ships land on Earth, they land on wheels much like airplanes. Invited children to explore jumping from one spot and trying to land in a different spot. I had the letters Z, S and R around the room. The children flew to a letter that I named. They said the sound and one word that begins with that letter.  We then used these letters to fill in the Word Puzzle:  ( _un; _ip; fa_; a_k)  We used those Word puzzles to change the blank letter and make new words real and fake.

Language and Literacy: Discussed: How do you think an astronaut gets ready for a rocket launch? We discussed what Bi-lingual means!  We then discussed the two languages in the book, English and Spanish.  We read the book in English and Spanish.  We looked at all the books that they made and discussed.

Mathematics and Reasoning:  Discussed:  What designs would you put on a rocket ship? Invited children to explore books for photos of rocket ships. Explained that when a country sends a rocket ship into space, it puts its country name and flag on the ship. We looked at the Rocket Ships they made in afternoon centers yesterday.

Mathematics and Reasoning: Discussed:  If you could fly in a rocket ship where would you go and what would you want to see? Turn off the lights and we shined the flashlight through different materials and discussed what we saw on the ceiling.  I then used the Constellation patterns and I shined the light through them and we saw the stars on the ceiling and discussed the pattern we saw.  We saw the Big Dipper and Orion and several other constellations.

Afternoon Centers:   Center 1-  Free play

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