December: Sights & Sounds of Winter

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Celebrate the holiday season with music and beauty. March and beat a drum, hear the horns and the harp. Dance with joy inside and out. The sounds continue as you follow the animal tracks down the snowy path, tip toe on crackling ice and hear the hoofs and bells of horses. When you hear the teapot whistle, come back inside for a treat. Sit by the fire, eat cookies and explore the shadows of late afternoon.

Letters we will learn this month:
Vv, Xx &Mm

Numbers the children will work with and count to this month:

7 & 8

Shape of the Month:


Color of the month:



The children will work with the basic AABB pattern.  They will discuss the pattern daily on the calendar and be asked to continue that pattern.  They will work with shapes and place them in a pattern and continue it.  They will also put numbers and letters into the AABB pattern.

Friendship Trait discussed and used throughout the daycare and discussed daily:


Sight Words for this Month:

plays, look, at, it

Sight Words your child Reviews everyday during calendar time which we add to monthly: 

the, and, look, at, you, to, can, in, love, not, it, is, a, my, go, stop, we, what, run, jump, finds, he, she, play, away, see, I, big, up, said, mad, like, little, sad, honest, glad, I, have, pig, lemon, tree, we, in,   and by

(Miss Kim also uses the sight words in sentences and the children will read the sentences.  We discuss if their mouth matches the sound or not when they read the word if it is something they have guessed on.)

Sign Language Words they Know:  

bird, all done, friend, smile, snow, love, alligator, sorry, bug, please, thank you, milk, water, eat, more, up, down, help, no, yes, cold, horse

Spanish words they know:

Numbers 1-20, Months of the year, Days of the week, horse, dog, puppy, grandma, boy, girl, cat, hat, barn, grasshopper, toothbrush, lion, jaguar, dragonfly, zebra, rocket, x-ray fish, kangaroo, octopus, ball, xylophone, leaf, owl, volcano, violin, frog, umbrella, globe, rabbit, mushroom, watermelon, whale, yam, monkey, elephant, jellyfish, cloud, sun, nut, egg, button, zipper, drum, quilt, kite, apple, grapes, star, underwear, hat, nest, queen, ant, bunny, pig, puppy, horse, feather, computer, lizard, snail, bird, money, fish, nest, cow, king, tractor, mouse, lamb, cat, hammer, chick, egg, ladybug, cake, hat, tree, and spider. “Como se llama” (it means, what is it called?) and also, “Hoy es…” (it means, today it’s…).


Stringed Snack:

Ingredients: Round Crackers, String Cheese, Pretzel Sticks, Cream Cheese

Supplies: Plates, Plastic Knives


1.Wash Hands and  Work Surfaces

2. Place 2 crackers, a cheese stick and a handful of pretzel sticks on a plate.

3. Spread some cream cheese on the crackers.

4. Arrange the items to make a favorite stringed instrument like a guitar or violin.

5. Eat & Enjoy



Ice Fishing

Supplies: Ice Cubes, Bowl of Water, Spoons, String or Yarn, and Salt

Predict: How many different ways can you pick up an ice cube?


1. Fill bowl with water and ice cubes. Place String or Yarn on top of the ice cubes. Try to pick up the ice cubes with the string (it wont work)!

2. This time place string on ice and sprinkle a little bit of the salt on top. Wait for a minute or two. Then pull the string out and describe what happened.

Explain: When salt is sprinkled over ice, the ice melts. However, when it is used in such a small amount, like in our experiment, the water around the ice freezes again quickly. This means that the string gets trapped as the water around it refreezes, making it stick to the ice.

Water Bells

Supplies: 7-8 glasses, Water, Metal Spoons, Food Coloring (optional)

Predict: How can you make music with water glasses?


1. Fill each glass with different amounts of water. Color with food coloring if desired.

2. Explore the various sounds made when tapping the different glasses.

3. Put the glasses in order from least to most full, and then try to tap out a scale.

4. Try to make up your own songs with the water glasses.

Explain: The container with the most water will have the lower tone because the vibrations travel through water, which slows them down to create deeper tones.

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