Monday: Woodpecker

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Calendar: Discussed calendar  in English and Spanish. Ben was the calendar and weather man for this week.  He found the day of the week in Spanish, added the number to the calendar and discussed the weather.  He reviewed her colors in English, Spanish and Sign Language:  green, red, yellow, brown, orange, black, white, pink, purple.  He told us the words in Sign language and Spanish:  eat, snow, thank you, please, more, friend, bug, milk, smile, up, love, all done.

Brainstorm/Fun Facts: Today, the children learned about woodpeckers. A woodpecker pounds on trees. It pokes its beak in the tree to find bugs to eat. Most woodpeckers have four toes: two face forward and two face backward.

Listening: Discussed: Who knocks on your door? The children examined the cover of the Participation Story together. I asked the children what they think might happen in the story. I read the story aloud and invited the children to participate by knocking on the floor as prompted thoughout the story. At the end of the story I asked them these questions to test their listening comprehension:What kind of  house is in the woods? (a hidden house) Who was making the knocking noise? (a woodpecker) What kind of knocking pattern can you play?

Patterns: Discussed: What kind of bugs do you think a woodpecker eats? The woodpecker is actually helping the trees because the woodpecker hunts and eats bugs that are hurting the tree, such as woodboring larvae and carpenter ants. I decorated a shoebox to look like a tree, cut holes in the lid, and placed Fruity Pebbles inside. We pretended that the cereal was a variety of bugs in the tree. The children pretended that their arms were pecking at the tree trunk to get the bugs (the Fruity Pebbles).

Social Skills: Discussed: How many bugs do you think a bird might eat in a day? A bird has to eat at least half of its weight in food each day to survive.  I cut apart the numbers and bug cards and had the children match the bug cards with the corresponding  number cards.

Closing Time: Discussed: How do you think you could help a tree? We sang this song to the tune of “If You Are Happy and You Know It”: “If y0u are hungry and you know it, peck a tree. If you are hungry and you know it peck a tree. If you hungry and you know it, that’s how a woodpecker shows it. If your hungry and you know it , peck a tree.”

Afternoon Centers: Center 1:  Legos!Center 2:  The children cut out their bug cards and number cards.Center 3: The children used brown paint to create a nesting area on their drawing sheet. The children then glued scrap pieces of paper around the nesting area. Last, the children drew an egg and colored as desired.

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