Tuesday: Eagle

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Brainstorm/Fun Facts: Today the children learned about the eagle. The bald eagle weighs from ten to fourteen pounds and has the ability to lift four pounds. The bald eagle has over 7,000 feathers and is also at the top of the food chain. I showed the children a short clip of a bald eagle at a zoo. Discussed: How big do you think an eagle’s nest is? Eagles build the biggest nest of all birds and can sometimes be as big as 10 feet wide and tall. The eagle tends to come back to the same area they were raised because they know it’s safe. The children recited this rhyme together and took turns flying around the room: Two little eagles, nesting in a tree, one named Brogan and one named Ben. Fly away Brogan, fly away Ben. Come back Brogan, come back Ben.

Social Skills: Discussed: Which of the five senses do you think is the best for an eagle? I explained to the children that an eagle is able to see small objects over a mile and a half away. This helps them find food and then use their quick soaring and diving skills to catch it. I invited  the children to take turns finding an item on the I Spy With My Little Eagle Eye Poster and give each other clues about what the item looked like until they guessed it.

Book Worm: Discussed: What do you think you might find in an eagl’s nest? I showed the children the Hands-on Letter E and invited the children to repeat the name and sound. I then encouraged the children to  to say the name of each object on the Phonetic Tags (egg, elephant). I took a blanket and folded it into a  small nest shape and placed one tag on each side. I invited the children to toss the Hands-on Letters and try to make them land in the empty nest. If the lower case e landed in the nest, they  ran to the egg tag and clapped. If the upper case E landed in the nest, they ran to the elephant tag and worked together to make the nest bigger.

Chit Chat: Discussed: What else do you think people trade like money? I explained that a long time ago people did not use paper money; they used feathers, shells and gold. Now they print money on paper. I explained the Money Book Project they would be making for centers. Eagles almost disappeared. Discussed: What do you think might have hurt them? I explained that the eagles were once an endangered species; this means that they were in danger or not being around anymore.

Show and Tell:  The children were asked to bring in items that began with an “e”, “n”, or “b”. I had the children come to the front of the lesson area an present their object.

Afternoon Centers: Center 1: Little People!Center 2: The children wrote their names and decorated the cover of the money books. The childrenm cut out various forms of money  and played with them . When they were finished, they glued them to the corresponding papers, and put them in numerical order.Center 3: The childern cut apart their I Spy With My Eagle Eye sheet.

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