Wednesday: Hummingbird

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Calendar: Discussed calendar  in English and Spanish. Ben was the calendar and weather man for this week.  He found the day of the week in Spanish, added the number to the calendar and discussed the weather.

Songs: We had some dance time altogether for Miss Kristen’s last day.

Brainstorm/Fun Facts: Discussed: How many birds have you seen fly backwards? The hummingbird is the only bird that is capable of flying backwards and the only bird that can hover. The hummingbird is also the smallest bird in the world.

Chit Chat: How much do you think a hummingbird eats in a day? I explained that the hummingbird eats more than another animal by consuming 6-16 times its body weight each day. I showed the children the craft that we were going to make for centers.

Health and Safety: Discussed: How often do you think the humminbird eats? I explained to the children that the hummingbird eats about every ten minutes and has to limit its sleep so it doesn’t starve while sleeping. Just as hummingbirds need to replenish their energy, so do we. I invited the childern to do 17  jumping jacks as we counted together. I then encouraged the children to stop for a drink of water. We discussed what it means to feel refreshed. I showed the children the Kid Chef Placemat Poster and the glass of water Chef Piece.

Logic: Discussed: Do you think a hummingbird has a favorite colored flower? I explained that hummingbirds prefer red. They will sip nectar from other colored flowers as well, but definely prefer the nectar of red flowers. I placed a red, blue, and yellow flower on the floor. I invited the children ti pretend to flit to the blue flower, tiptoe to the yellow flower, and pretended to fly backwards to the red flower.

Closing Time: We listened to the song “Hum the Hummingbird,” Track 8, Birds and Eggs CD. I invited the childre to raise one finger in the air each time they heard  a humming sound.

Afternoon Centers: Center 1: Library Book!Center 2: The children made a hummingbird by tracing their hands on a piece of paper and cutting them out, gluing the hands on the hummingbird body, gluing tissue paper to the body and sticking a straw through the head to create a beak.

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