Thursday: Chickadee

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Calendar: Discussed calendar in English and Spanish. Ben put the number on the calendar

Brainstorm/Fun Facts:   Reviewed what they learned about hummingbirds.  The children told me what they thought a Chickadee is.  They all guessed it was a chicken.  A Chickadee is a small bird.  Fun Facts:  Chickadees may be found in any habitat that has trees or woody shrubs, from forests and woodlots to residential neighborhoods and parks, and sometimes weedy fields and cattail marshes. Chickadee battles the cold by eating lots of seeds and berries, though its diet also includes insects and insect eggs.  We looked at pictures of a chickadee bird.  Discussed:  Where in this room is a good hiding place?  Did you know that the chickadee has thousands of hiding places for its food and can remember them for more than 28 days?  We then acted out a finger play rhyme.

Fine Motor: Discussed:  Why do you think birds hop sometimes?  Chickadees hop almost as much as they fly.  They  are very active birds, especially when chasing a meal. (Caterpillars are their favorite)  We had an oval made out of masking tape on the floor.  The children came up one at a time and hopped around the oval to pretend to chase the caterpillar.  They pretended to catch the caterpillar and ate it! They will practice lacing the chickadee in afternoon centers.

Health and Safety: Discussed:  What would you do if you saw something dangerous?  Did you know that birds make more than one sound?  Chickadees sing their name “chickadee-dee-dee” when they see danger or strangers.  Discussed with the children who a stranger is. (A stranger is anyone you, or the adult you are with, do not know or recognize.)  We pretended the face on the paper plate was a stranger.  The child would come up to me and when I would show them the face on the paper plate, they would run or fly away and scream, “Chickadee-dee-dee!”

Chit Chat:  Discussed:  How many eggs do you think are in a chickadee nest?  Most chickadees lay about 6-8 eggs in a nest. How many children are in your family?

Emergent Writing:  Discussed:  How big do you think a chickadee egg is?  Explained that a chickadee egg is about the size of a fingertip (or dime).  Each child went and found an item in the room.  They compared their item to the size of my fingertip or a dime.  They discussed if their item was bigger or smaller.  We looked at the Picture card with the Letter Nn.  We discussed the letter and sound it makes.  The children then told me all the words they could think of that begin with the letter “n”.  I discussed how to make the capital and lowercase letter “N” on the wipe off board.  Each child came up one at a time and practiced making the capital and lowercase “Nn” on the wipe off board.  They will be making the letter in their Little Journals later in afternoon centers.

Afternoon Centers: Center 1:  Legos   (Miss Kim has a Food Program meeting and has to leave early to arrive to the meeting on time.  This is a mandatory meeting for Miss Kim required by the state!  Miss Felicia may or may not do afternoon centers today!  Thank you for your understanding!)  Center 2: My Little Journal- They will practice making their capital and lowercase letter “N’s”.  They will then draw a nest on their journal page.  They will stick their finger in an ink pad and make prints in their nests to represent eggs from the chickadee.  Center 3: They will practice lacing the chickadee bird pattern and lace other patterns also.

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