Thursday: Birdwatcher

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Calendar: Discussed calendar in English and Spanish. Ella put the number on the calendar.  They discussed how today is the last day of the month.

Brainstorm/Fun Facts: Today they will be learning about Birdwatchers.  Discussed:  How long can you sit without making a sound?  Explained that many people love to observe birds.  They are referred to as bird watchers. They must sit and watch birds very quietly.  Fun Facts:  The birds may vary from region to region.  At one time, bird watchers observed wild birds in their natural habitats away from the cities and towns.  There are over 800 species of birds living in North America alone and in any part of the country you will be able to see at least 100 different species of birds.  Bird watching can be considered good for the environment.

Book Worm: Discussed:  How do you think a birdwatcher knows which bird it is watching?  Explained that birdwatchers have books with pictures and information about birds. We looked at the little learning cards and discussed each:  blue, Nn, 17, oval, 7, Ee, white, Bb.

Social Skills: Discussed:  What is the right way to watch birds or other animals in nature?  Explained that it is important to be respectful of the animals, surroundings, and natural environment when observing in nature.  Leave the area as you found it, and use binoculars to get a closer look instead of “invading” their space. They looked at cards of different birds. They told us what type of bird it was.

Chit Chat:  Discussed:  How do you think a birdwatcher remembers what he sees?  Many birdwatchers keep a journal of the birds they have seen.  They write notes or draw pictures.

Health & Nutrition:  Discussed:  What kind of food might you take on a hike?  Many people take a mixture of dried goods. This snack is called “trail mix” because it is such a convenient snack if you are on a walk.  Each child was to bring in one assigned item to share so that we could make our own trail mix.  Items that were brought in: raisins, berry mix dried fruit, white cheddar cheese its, goldfish, peanuts & almonds, pretzel sticks, chex cereal, chocolate chips.  I added some items also because some children did not bring in the assigned items:  I added dried pineapple and M M’s. I opened each item and the kids got to try each item.  I then dumped all the items together in a bowl and mixed it up.  Each child got to enjoy eating the trail mix on a plate.  We made trail mix sandwiches using the different pieces of food and stacking them.

Afternoon Centers: Center 1:  Bright Builders Discovery Toys Center 2:  Little Learning Cards- They cut out their cards and colored them.   Center 3: Kitten Art- They will punch out the kitten mask pattern.  They will color their mask any way desired. They will cut out the whiskers and glue them to the mask.  They will then glue a pink circle nose to the mask.  They will add a mouth using crayons.  We will fit the mask to each child’s face and use them for tomorrows lessons.

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