Tuesday: Joey (baby Kangaroo)

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Calendar: Discussed calendar in English and Spanish.   Marissa added the number to the calendar

Brainstorm/Fun Facts: Asked:  Does anyone know what a “Joey” is?  The children have never heard this term before so we discussed how it is a baby kangaroo.  Discussed:  How do you think a kangaroo carries its baby? Kangaroos have a pouch on their bellies.  They carry their baby joey inside the pouch until it can live on its own.  Fun Facts:  Newborn kangaroos weigh just a gram or two.  They are the size of a bean.  Kangaroos usually have just one joey at a time.  Joeys drink their mothers milk.  The joey remains in the pouch for nine months.  They are born naked.  We looked at pictures of “joeys”.

Emergent Reading:  Discussed:  What would you put in a pouch?  Animals who have pouches only use them to carry babies.  We looked at the hands-on letter “Gg”.  Discussed the sound and letter.  They told me words that begin with the letter “G” and we then found more words in the dictionary.  Discussed if the word “kangaroo” had a G in it and then everyone hopped like a kangaroo. 

Chit Chat:  Discussed:  How do you think a baby needs to be handled?  The kids weren’t sure what the word  “handled” meant so we had to discuss that.  Explained that gentle is a term used to describe a nice, soft touch.  Baby animals (and all babies) need gentle touches to show affection and care.

Book Worm: Discussed:  How do you think a kangaroo likes to move?  Kangaroos mostly move by hopping, but if moving slowly they crawl on all four legs and use their tail as a fifth leg to help balance.  I wrote one sight word on the board at a time.  We discussed each letter and sound one at a time and then sounded each word out.  Words:  jump, run, what!  They had to run and jump when we read those words.  We discussed the word “what” and how it doesn’t play fair.  We read their, “I Can Read” book.  The children helped me read the story by reading the sight words.  They also did the actions in the story.

Numbers:  Discussed:  How far do you think a kangaroo can jump?  Did you know that the average jump for a kangaroo is about 8 meters (that is about 25 feet)? We looked at a tape measure and measured out 25 feet. We discussed if we thought we could jump that far in one jump.  We all decided that we couldn’t jump that far.  We even had Grady sh0w us if he could go that far.  We looked at the hands-on numbers 1 and 8.  We discussed each number and counted to them.  I then had the children tell me how to make an 18 with those two numbers.  We counted to 18.  All the children then stood in a line shoulder to shoulder against the easel and desk area.  I had them hop 8 times and stop.  We looked behind us to see where they hopped from and noticed that it wasn’t too far.  We then continued to hop until we reached 18 hops starting at number 8.  The children then looked at where they started and discussed if 8 or 18 hops were farther away.  Which number went further?

Show and Tell:   Each child was to bring in 18 items and one needed to start with the letter “G”.  I had each child come up one at a time and they counted out their items.  We then discussed if they got to the right number and if we needed to add or take away any!  They then found the object that started with a letter “G”

Afternoon Centers: Center 1: Outside Play!  Center 2: I Can Read book:  They cut out their sight words and then found those sight words in the book and circled them.  Center 3: Animal Vet Bag-  They will punch out the animal vet bag and then use yarn to sew it shut.  They will make the scissors by adding a fastener to the two pieces. 

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