Tuesday: Baby Elephants

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Calendar: Discussed calendar in English and Spanish.  Averee is the calendar and weather girl this week.  She put the number on the calendar, discussed the weather and said the colors and words in Spanish and Sign Language!

Brainstorm/Fun Facts:   Reviewed what they learned about Fawns (baby deer).  Today we will be learning about baby elephants.  The children told me what they know about elephants.  Fun Facts:  Baby elephants weigh around 200 pounds at birth. The female gives birth to one elephant every four years.  The baby elephant is covered with black fur.  The mother feeds him with milk until he is at the age of two.  The entire herd travels with the speed of the young elephants.  Discussed:  Do you feel safer when you are all alone or together with your friends and family?  Many animals stay in a group to help keep their babies safe.  Each group has a name such as herds or flock.  Did a rhyme with the children and acted it out. 

Numbers:  Discussed:  What kinds of things does a herd need to survive?  Explained that often herds will move to find more water and food so there is enough for everyone.  We discussed items that we need to survive and then items that we “want” but don’t need.  I showed the children pictures of items and they had to tell me if it was a “want” or a “need” item.  We discussed what we use money for and how it can buy things we “need”.  Also discussed how some don’t have the money to buy things they “need”. 

Social Skills: Discussed:  What food would you share if you lived in a herd?  I had two kids come up at a time and take an elephant.  I had one child draw a number and count out that many peanuts to feed the other child’s elephant.  Each child had a turn drawing a number and feeding the other child’s elephant.

Book Worm:Discussed:  Why do animals stay with their herd?  Explained that when many animals live together, they keep each other safe, share food and help take care of the babies.  We looked at the hands-on letter Y.  We discussed the letter and sounds that it can make: /yu/, /ie/, /ee/, and /i/.  I wrote several words on the board with the letter y in them.  We discussed where the “y” was and what sound it made in that word.  Discussed how to form the capital and lowercase “Yy”.  Show and Tell:  Each child came up one at a time and told us about the items that they brought.  The items were to start with the letter “Y”.  They did very good with this!

Social Skills:  Discussed:  How do adult elephants keep the baby elephants in the herd?  Explained that often elephants will hold onto each other trunk-to-tail to stay together.  I demonstrated how we could do this with our arms.  I then played the songs from the “Baby Animals”  CD while the kids all got in a line and acted like elephants attached to each.  They had so much fun running through the room attached in a line.

Afternoon Centers: Center 1: Legos  Center 2:  The children will practice their cutting skills by cutting apart the needs and wants cards along with the money.   

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