Wednesday: Bird Chick

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Calendar: Discussed calendar in English and Spanish.  Averee added the number to the calendar, found the day of the week in Spanish and discussed the weather.  She also reviewed her words and colors in Spanish and Sign Langauge. 

Brainstorm/Fun Facts:   Reviewed what the y learned about Baby Elephants.  Today we will be discussing bird chicks and the children told me something they know about baby birds.  Fun Facts:  The adult bird feeds its babies whole insects or worms that it finds fairly close to its nest.  Baby chicks hatch out of eggs.  They learn to fly when they are between 5 to 7 weeks old. We acted out a rhyme.  Discussed:  What do you do if you see something dangerous?  Many animals make special calls to let the others know there is danger.

Chit Chat: Discussed:  How do you think a bird would say, “I’m happy,” or “I’m scared”?  Explained that many birds give out a different call for different reasons, and a baby can usually tell when an adult warns of danger by its call.  The children looked at the craft they will be making this afternoon. 

Health and Safety:  Discussed:  Do you know what it means to use your manners?  Explained that manners are polite or nice ways of doing certain things.  Discussed what kind of things we do or don’t do at the table.  The children each got a napkin and pretended to be eating.  We then used the napkin to wipe our chins because we got food all over it.  The children also discussed other ways to use their manners and share the napkins.

Emergent Writing:  Discussed:  What is one way to tell where birds are located?  Explained that sometimes you can see bird tracks on the ground.  We discussed how to write the capital and lowercase Yy.  Each child came up and practiced writing the capital and lowercase Y on the wipe off board.

Logic:  Discussed:  How can an adult bird keep the baby safe before it hatches from its egg?  Explained that many birds hide the eggs in a nest, crevice, tall grass, rocks, or other places to keep them safe.  We looked at a chart that said, “Where Would You Hide Your Egg?  It had three columns for them to choose a place they wanted to hide their egg:  basket, nest or grass.  Eah child came up one at a time and took an egg sticker to place in the colomn of where they wanted to hide their egg.  We counted how many eggs were in each column and compared the columns: more and less. 

Tumble Bus Day

Afternoon Centers: Center 1:    Center 2:   My Little Journal:  Each child turned to the Y page and practiced making the capital and lowercase Y.  The childrne then made y’s at the top of the page to make bird tracks and drew a bird at the end of their tracks.  Center 3:  Baby Bird Craft- The children will take a coffee filter and fold it in half. They will then dip it into watered down paint and watch the colors spread.  They will then ad a face to the bird pattern and tape on the wings.  They will take pipe cleaners and bend them into feet and then staple them onto their body. 

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