Thursday: Bunny

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Calendar: Discussed calendar in English and Spanish.  Averee put the number on the calendar, discussed the weather and found the day of the week in Spanish. 

Brainstorm/Fun Facts:  Reviewed what they learned about baby birds.  Today the children told me what they know about bunnies.  Fun Facts:  Baby bunnies are called “kits”.  Typically 5 to 8 kits per litter.  They are born hairless with eyes and ears closed.  They will open them in 6 to 10 days.  Kits eat solid food around 3 weeks.  They are weaned between 6 and 7 weeks.  They drink their mommies milk and weigh about 1 pound when they are born. We looked at pictures and acted out a rhyme.  Discussed:  Why do you think baby bunnies, which are called kits, stay close to their mom?  Some animals cannot defend themselves well, like a bunny, so they need to stay near the adults.

Fine Motor:  Discussed:  What would you do with a pet bunny?  Explained that bunnies are very soft and many people love to pet them to feel their soft fur.  I had three kids go find something soft in the room.  They let everyone feel each item and the children decided which one was the softest.  I then had the children help me add fur to the lacing bunny card.  They each came up one at a time and helped thread the string on the bunny lacing card. 

Social Skills: Discussed:  Who do you stay near when you want to feel safe?  Explained that many animals (just like people like to be around a parent to feel safe.  We placed the game pieces face side down.  The children looked at the folder game board and discussed the animals on the board.  I had the children come up one at a time and draw a game piece. They told me the animal or letter on the card and then matched it with it’s mommy on the folder game board.

Health and Safety:  Discussed:  Is it okay to touch any baby animals?  Explained that although many baby animals are cute, it can be dangerous to touch many of them.  If you do not know the animal and/or it is not a pet, you should never touch or go near the animal.  We looked at each of the animal cards and named the animal.   The children then decided together which would be safe to touch, if you ask the owner, and which would not be safe to touch.  We had the children stand against the wall and Miss Corrie stood 10 feet away.  She pulled one animal out of the basket and showed it to the kids.   If it is not okay to approach, the children had to stay.  If the animal can be pet, the children took one step towards Miss Corrie.  We played this until all the kids reached Miss Corrie. 

Global Citizenship: Discussed: What types of plants or animals live in your neighborhood?  Explained that Canada’s flag has a maple leaf on it.  Many maple trees can be found all over Canada.  We found Canada on the World Map and one child got to tape the flagto that country.  Fun Facts:  Did you know that each winter in Quebec, Canada they build a hotel made from ice?  The Hotel de Glace is created  every year using over 400 tons of ice and 12,000 tons of snow.  Did you know that the only desert in Canada is only 15 miles long but contains over 100 rare plants and over 300 rare animals?  Did you know that the Horseshoe Falls (Canadian side of Niagara Falls) is 167 feet high and over 2600 feet wide

Afternoon Centers: Center 1: Variety of toys  Center 2: The children picked a nature item from outside.  They will make their own flag and glue the item onto their flag like Canada has the maple tree leaf.

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